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  • The World Needs Neither Redeemers Nor Saviors

    He who has not defeated the lie within himself, he who is unaware of his own misery, of his inner conflicts and division, cannot do anything for others. “If you lift the smoke-screen surrounding philanthropy in its every form, you might discover that behind the suffragists and the Salvation Armies, behind medical and pharmaceutical aid […]

  • Stop planning! Stop believing!

    The true plan is not in time but in absence of time, that is, in this very moment – “here and now”   Every appointment you make, every meeting you arrange, any business you attempt to plan, any wealth you “hope, expect or desire” to gain, serves only to strengthen your illusion of being alive […]

  • The economics of everlasting life

    The new economics of the coming decades One day all organizations, from the smallest businesses to the huge multinationals will have at their helm a philosopher of action, a pragmatic dreamer, a luminous visionary who has taken care of his own integrity, who knows how to believe in the impossible and make it concrete. Until […]

  • Dream do not stop dreaming

    Dreaming is that creative power which lies hidden within you. Dreaming is the root of the all existence and maintenance of the entire universe. Whatever events, upheavals or miracles take place in the outer world, they first have to occur in your body, there, where your very Dream lies. Dreaming is not dreaming at all. […]

  • To Be is to NOT Be

      Q. “ Can I ever become You one day?”   A. “You are already Me right now. You are life with no birth and no death. Try to understand what ‘life with no birth’ means. ‘No birth’ means that all your past is an imaginary story that you create in this very instant. It […]

  • One day I finally stopped asking…

    I wanted answers … solutions … healing … salvation … to fulfil my desires … my aspirations … I was asking for clarity … certainty … security … peace … happiness …. abundance … prosperity … understanding … victory … success … gratitude … devotion … power …. love. I realised that the world cannot […]

  • You say that you are conscious of being unhappy…

    … from ‘The Technology of the Dreamer’ You say that you are conscious of being unhappy but you don’ t know what to do about it. But how can you be conscious and unhappy at the same time? Unhappiness arises from unconsciousness. All evil comes from unconsciousness. If you were conscious, that means ‘totally present […]

  • The world out there is only a “virtual” reproduction of your inner being

    Understand this and apply it to your life and you will be free! You have to realize that the world with all its apparent contrasts and cruelty is only a virtual reproduction of your inner conflict and war. In other words, outside yourself there is nothing and no one suffering but only your own self […]

  • The Dreamer and You

    The Dreamer    You can only observe and know what ‘you are not’. What you really are you can only be.    Look inside yourself…. you can only look at what you are not… what you ‘are’ you can only ‘Be’!  In that moment there is no space, no time, no role — nothing to […]

  • About the young generations

    About Young People     The world is a symptom, our body is a symptom, everything happens to balance us… The eternal conflict is a fruit of our inattention, lack of awareness… The world does not produce symptoms. It is the symptom… it is the cure in process, a healing procedure… Think of what amplification […]

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