A Cosmic Secretary

If there is a part of your life for which you are not responsible,

then death will infiltrate it

If there is a part of your life for which you are not responsible, then death will infiltrate it. Close that crack and take responsibility for the whole. Religions have made you believe that there is a heaven waiting for you after death. But as long as you believe that there is a better place to live, then you will try to escape your earthly existence when conditions become too difficult.

You are convinced that death is an inevitable event, based on some fundamental scientific principle.

Religion and science have made you believe that death is a universal law decreed from above and as such impossible to change.

And therefore you can expect nothing better than to die.

To return to a life without death you must abandon all knowledge from the outside world, including the hypnotic belief in your birth and death, and past and future, and rediscover in yourself the infinite, inexhaustible passion and dedication to the Eternal Now.

Get into the habit of not moving away from the moment, of never being outside the Now,

and you will have a Cosmic Secretariat at your service that will take care of everything.

To dematerialise means to disappear from the vision of mortal eyes. If you are truly alive you cannot be seen by those who are governed by death. The art of materialising or dematerialising belongs to those who have conquered the unity of Being. If you are whole you will manifest only life without limit and will be visible only to higher beings. For the ordinary man the higher dimension is non-existent or unknown and if you raise the vibrations of the body you will disappear from his limited vision.

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