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Elio D’Anna, best-selling author, philosopher, economist, and entrepreneur, poet and musician, is  Founder and President of the European School of Economics which today has six centers in the world including London, New York, Madrid, Rome, Florence and Milan.  The project’s deep roots first gave fruit in 1994 when he initiated the ‘Scuola di Liberismo’ in Rome, an organization aimed at uniting politicians and prominent dignitaries.  Elio has welcomed Nobel Prize winners, dignitaries, organizations and businessmen of the highest level including Kenneth Galbraith, John Nash, Merton Miller, Harry Markovitz, Betty White, Mikhail Gorbachev, Donald Trump, Gordon Bethune, C.O. of Contintental Airlines, Doctors without Borders, the Hiltons and most recently the late Sir James Alexander Mirrlees, Scottish economist, awarded the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences.
In 2000, Elio D’Anna joined ESE to the Founding Members of the Carlo Felice Theatre in Genova, one of the greatest international touchstones of opera music, for the organization of a concert in memory of Fabrizio de André. This was just one of many steps in ESE’s vast project to bring its most passionate students directly in contact with industry leaders across disciplines – from entertainment and music, to fashion, film, finance and more.

Pioneer in the world of music and visionary entrepreneur, he has founded leading enterprises in sectors that range from education to hospitality, from entertainment to technology.

D’Anna’s first commercial enterprise is a Luxury Hotel and Restaurant- Il Bottaccio Group, a global hospitality group established 40 years ago, when Mr. D’Anna purchased an ancient 17th century water mill, nestled at the foot of the lush green slopes of Forte dei Marmi, in Tuscany and converted into the most exclusive 5 star luxury Relais & Châteaux


Elio D’Anna is best-selling author of the literary works:"The School for Gods" and "The Technology of the Dreamer".

The School for Gods

The School for Gods’ ́ is a document of historic importance not only because it tells the story of the creation of a new and revolutionary school, the European School of Economics, but because it is a manifest announcing “the Individual Revolution”, the birth of the vertical man, the cells of a new humanity finally healed from pain, fear and conflictual thinking. The original manuscript has already been translated into English, Italian, Turkish, Greek, German, Romanian, Russian Spanish and French. The Chinese versions (complex and simplified characters) for mainland China and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao was released in December 2010.

The Technology of the Dreamer

The second book, ‘The Technology of the Dreamer’ brings to the reader a very powerful technology, the first true revolution since Copernicus and Galileo: “The world is your creature that you create in this very instant, in the absence of time.” “This principle alone, if applied, is able to end all misery and suffering. This book is for those who are disappointed with their ordinary life and are looking for something they have lost and forgotten for so long… something special.

“The Technology of the Dreamer”, has been released in England, Turkey, Greece and Romania.

Elio D'Anna Musician

Musician, Italian flautist, singer, composer, arranger and record producer.

Recent interviews and articles

27th February 2020
Interview Ritz Carlton Istanbul ‘Eko Turk TV’ Alp Ustungor


April 2014
article published on the Spanish newspaper “El Economista”
“Son las escuelas de negocio las que causaron la crisis”

20th January 2020
Joanna Vaiou

June 4th -6th 2012
Interview Bloomberg World Economic Forum, Istanbul, Turkey


29th April 2018
Thessaloniki Conference at “Money Show”

July 2016
The Intelligentsia, Tofig Husein-Zadeh

June 2016
London Diplomatic Courier ‘The United States of Europe’


April 2016
articles launch of Dreamer Ve Sen (The Technology of the Dreamer)

Recent Engagements


  • 6th March 2020 Inner Economy, Casa Italia, Ankara, Turkey
  • 29th February 2020 Endless Happiness, Ritz Carlton Hotel Istanbul, Turkey
  • 27th February 2020 Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey


  • 28th November ‘La Rivoluzione Individuale’ Federico II Naples, Italy
  • 4th October 2019 Conference – Economics of Happiness Teatro Posillipo Naples, Italy
  • 15 September 2019 ‘Premio Murano’ Venice, Italy
  • 18 April 2019 Conference – American College Anatolia, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 12- 14 April 2019 Conference – Money Show Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 8th April 2019 Conference – Golden Creative Leisure Ianos bookshop Athens, Greece
  • 16th March 2019 Conference Istanbul Hyatt Hotel Istanbul, Turkey
  • 19th October 2019 The Lions Club Ascoli Piceno ‘The Economics of Happiness’


  • 29th April 2018 Money Show Thessaloniki speech ‘Health is Wealth, the Healthier your vision, the greater your life’ Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 27th April 2018 Mediterranean College Thessaloniki ‘Financial Power and Love are one and the same’, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 3rd March 2018 Global Women Leadership Summit 2018 & Awards London Marriot Hotel London, UK
  • 24th February 2018 Inner Economy Conference Yeditepe University, Turkey
  • 23rd February 2018 – Conference for Balat Cultural House – Soroptimist International Bursa,Turkey


  • 30th November 2017 African Achievers Awards House of Commons, London, UK
  • 10th November 2017 MENA Britain Trade Expo 2017 QEII Centre in Westminster, London, UK
  • 30th September 2017 ‘Physical Immortality’ Conference European School of Economics, Palazzo Borghese Florence. Honour Guest Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Florence, Italy
  • 25th May 2017 ‘The Diplomacy as a solution to war and terrorism in the world’ 20th International Symposium in the Series of Diplomacy in the 21st Century the Nexus of Diplomacy, Sport, Politics and the Media: Parallels, Paradoxes and Pitfalls- Loughborough University, London, UK
  • 22nd May 2017, ESE President  Elio D’Anna is Master of Ceremonies at  the first ‘Women’s American football game in Africa’.  Organized by ESE Madrid Sports Management alumnus Samir El-Degwi, Cairo, Egypt
  • 13th May 2017 ‘Sustainability as a Corporate Approach to the World’ Conference Merinos Ataturk Cultural Centre Bursa, Turkey


  • 9th June 2016 Elio D’Anna e Justina Mutale Foundation Scholarships Zambian High Commission Palace Gate, Kensington, London, UK
  • 26th November 2016 ‘No war within, no war without’ Mr. Sameh Aboulenein permanent observer of the league of Arab states to the United Nations office at Geneva – European School of Economics London, UK
  • 14th 15th January 2016 Gaidar Forum in Moscow organized by the Russian prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev, RANEPA University, Russia
  • 29th January 2016 London Women’s Economic Forum (Pre-WEF2016) 43 Lancaster Gate, London, UK


  • 7th December 2015 ‘United Nations International Day of the Girl’ with Justina Mutale and Daniel Zeichner for Cambridge at Cambridge University, UK
  • 14th November 2015 YCBS ‘The impact of SME on Global Economy: The New Prospective,’ Imperial College, London, UK
  • 29th October 2015 Official Launch of the Justina Mutale Foundation, House of Lords Parliament Square Westminster Palace, London, UK
  • 6th October 2015 ‘The International Chinese health Expo in Cambridge’, Cambridge University Club, Cambridge, UK
  • 14th September 2015 Trends in the Quality Consumption Market for China’s Elite, Hosted by the Financial Times, Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan, Italy
  • 5th October, 2005 ‘Health is Wealth’ Houston’s Petroleum Club, Houston, Texas, USA

Articles, seminaries and other

From early 2000 his articles have been published in “L’Opinione delle libertà”. His essays analyze the phenomena of contemporary culture, proposing a new vision of the economy and tracing the new frontiers of education for the new generations.

Among the articles published:


L’Economia è l’arte del sognare,  

La European School of Economics riceve giustizia, 

Credere per vedere, l’individuo, 

La vittima è sempre colpevole, 

Il Sogno è la cosa più reale che ci sia, 

Fai solo ciò che ami, 

Di padre in figlio,


L’Italia, una repubblica fondata sul lavoro

The Music of life

Divorati dal tempo

Elio welcomes discussion of his ideas and principles, and in addition to his meetings with students at the European School of Economics, travels all over the world for seminars and conferences to address aspiring young professionals, established businessmen, and visionary individuals seeking to enrich their lives, through self-knowledge and self-mastery.

In these conferences, he discusses the “invisible” relationship between the state of health and the integrity of the company, and the physical condition and integrity of the founder. To be more specific: the longevity of a company derives from the integrity of its leader.

The principles and ideas of which Elio speaks are the result of long years of self-study and inner questioning. Their ultimate goal being to incite the inner transformation of man as an individual and consequently, a timeless movement that no other revolution has ever been able to accomplish: the total elimination of war, poverty, disease and death.

Elio is a brilliant speaker who expresses his educational philosophy in a unique way. His words encourage the listener to maintain a proactive attitude and to constantly strive for integrity and unity of being. The words Elio says during in his meetings with world authorities, Nobel Prize winners, politicians, economists, professors and students at forums and universities are notes played on a magic flute. Dreamers from all over the world listen to these words and hold them close like a guide book to a great destination.

‘‘The hobby of humanity in the future will be personal improvement, Universities and Schools will multiply to educate man, especially in economics and business, and everything from the pureness of the soul and of the body, kindness, justice, loyalty, forgiveness and gratitude. The values that have been neglected and must be nourished in this direction: values such as courage, sincerity, truth. Believing in ourselves, in our capabilities and developing them in order to improve ourselves. Our system of values coincides with our economic destiny. This is true for an individual, for an organization, for a country, for a civilization. The richer our system of values, the richer our economy will be. This equation tells us that we can have only the riches that our values allow us to have. 

One day all organizations, from the smallest businesses to the huge multinationals will have at their helm a philosopher of action, a pragmatic dreamer, a luminous visionary who has taken care of his own integrity, who knows how to believe in the impossible and make it concrete.

Until now all economic systems have dealt with survival, with people’s basic needs: food, shelter, clothing and reproduction. The economics of Neanderthals and the economics of a modern complex society are essentially the same.

The new economics of the coming decades deals not anymore with survival or to keep people alive for a few decades, but with immortality. New technologies and resources aim at the indefinite extension of each human life. This is the beginning of a 21st Century Economics of Everlasting Life – an Economics of Timelessness which will proclaim Victory over time and over death.”  (Elio D’Anna)