A new adventure

Your fear is the very cause of that which you are afraid of

“If you acknowledge yourself as the very source of this world, then every evil, violence, and persecution will instantly disappear.

You cannot be attacked or persecuted by anything or anyone if you don’t perceive yourself as attacked or persecuted. If you react as if you are persecuted, then you are creating and projecting persecutions.  When you feel that something external is attacking you, that means you are already a victim of your dreary imagination.

If you question the idea that death is inevitable, you have a chance.  If you don’t, you will remain a prisoner of your dreary description – victim of your conflictual thoughts and emotions. Remember! Your inner conflicts and self-sabotage are more dangerous than any war.

This is a new adventure!

Your fear is the very cause of that which you are afraid of, and your fearlessness is the very cause of all that which makes you free.

Remember! The world is such because you are such.

The weak will disappear if you recognize your inner weaknesses. All sufferings in the world will disappear if you are consciously aware of your inner harmfulness and self-sabotage, and the poor will disappear if you can process and heal your inner misery.

Wars, persecutions and violence will disappear if you are aware of your inner conflicts.

The world is as you dream it.  Diseases, aging and death are the results of a long series of inner crimes. Stop lying to yourself, and the world will show you all its Goodness, Truth, and Beauty.

The recognition of an inner causality – being responsible for all that happens outside, makes evil, sufferings, and death disappear from the earth.”

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