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  • There is something you can not find anywhere in the world…

    Yet there is a “place” where you can find it   ​The place is not too far from you. It is exactly within you. And you are encouraged to live every day with this great responsibility.   ​Pinocchio at the School for Gods: “All dreams come ​​true!” ​ Once upon a time … ‘a King!’, […]

  • Success is … Now

    Success doesn’t come from planning but from the instant… It is in the dream, in the absence of time that one can have success.  Success is now!  Wealth , happiness, is only ‘Now.’  Success is the absence of death and fear and can only happen in the moment. In an hour or in one month, […]

  • Q. When and where can I meet the Dreamer?

    A. You can meet the Dreamer right ‘now’… … if you know ‘how’ to create a crack into the thick encrustation of ‘time’ hypnotism. Q. But ‘living’ takes time.  ‘Living’ happens in time. ‘Living’ is time, isn’ t it? A. No. True Life happens only in the absence of time. Real Life has neither beginning […]

  • Dream and reality are one and the same thing

    Dream and reality are one and the same thing separated by time. This is why a dream is reality… The extraordinary ideas, brave intuitions that made our planet advance, as well as the future solutions to vital problems of the species that are able to make us happier and richer, would not exist without an […]

  • Dream and Reality are one

    The realization that dream and reality are one and the same thing has the power to transform your dream   A whole man does not decide or chose – there is no division – He only Dreams. The one who Dreams gives direction to his life.   When you dream you realize that you are not […]

  • Intuition and the Dream

    Amerigo Vespucci address A man can’t be led by the past or by the experiences he has lived. Past is dust. On the path to integrity every moment must be new… every instant must serve to transcend the previous moment… every breath must be an act of gratitude devoted to elevating the being towards new […]

  • Put Death to Death

    This is a new adventure! If you acknowledge yourself as the very source of this world, then every evil, violence and persecution will instantly disappear. You cannot be attacked or persecuted by anything or anyone if you don’t perceive yourself as attacked or persecuted. If you react as if you are persecuted, then you are […]

  • The Dream is the most Real Thing there is

    What you call reality is only an image that must be completely overturned. Nothing of the old world can be brought with you. You will have to learn a new way of thinking, breathing, acting and loving… Life is too precious to waste in dependence and too rich to lose! It’s time to change! It’s […]

  • Full Time Dreamers

    Full time dreamers Ours is a task of aspiration……we must inspire others to approach closer to the “dream” and the “dreamer” in us….Like the bee which collects pollen and distributes it to other flowers in order to fertilise them, so we, when we encounter others, must distribute the pollen of the “dream,” spread this precious […]

  • You are Music

    “Music awakens, inspires and elevates humanity.”       Everyone should play his own music – chat, write and communicate through art, music and images. Words are not anymore sufficient to transfer one’s own thoughts and feelings. Words are obsolete, poor and a very slow way to convey one’s own invisibility to others. That’s why […]

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