Stop planning! Stop believing!

The true plan is not in time but in absence of time, that is,

in this very moment

“Here and Now”

Every appointment you make, every meeting you arrange, any business you attempt to plan, any wealth you “hope, expect or desire” to gain, serves only to strengthen your illusion of being alive – nurture your painful state of loneliness – magnify your false belief in planning and programming. “Planning and believing” is a sort of self-sabotage, it’s like dying. One can only plan what is “dead”…. The true plan is not in time but in absence of time, that is, in this very moment – “Here and Now”.

A visionary leader – a man of integrity can have armies of collaborators who make plans, budgetary projections, economic and financial forecasts; he can have technicians and engineers who can design and program future operations in every detail, but his own decisions and choices will always be the fruit of the “moment”. Until that “very moment” he doesn’t know, nor does he act until the moment reveals its “eternity”. Only then will he know what he needs to know. Everything will be at your disposal once you have learned to live the moment in its totality. Plans and programs arise naturally, without effort, when you cease believing in them.

Let the game continue, let the comedy unfold… allow collaborators and professionals do what their role demands. The company, the enterprise, the business is a theatrical representation… with masks, roles and characters who follow a script… Don’t believe it! Don’t identify with it! Don’t get lost in it!…And never forget…. it’s only an artistic, spectacular “play”.

When you plan and believe it… you are moving away from the “real world” which is within you… The more you convince yourself that appointments and meetings happen as you have programmed them, the more you strengthen your sense of death… And this is how you come to meet dead people who make plans and schedules just as you do under the illusion of making choices and taking decisions.

One day your agenda will be like that of a free man who truly acts and does because he knows that he always has the solution within him…. because he himself is the solution. In a state of absolute certainty you’ll act out the meetings and the encounters, recite the roles impeccably and let the world be free to happen in the best possible way. The world will become your masterpiece without effort or constraint. Only then will your agenda be that of a true leader… and it will contain only blank pages”.