Is a movement open to all manifestations of human creativity

“Self Transformism” is an “Individual Revolution”, a movement that places the individual as the sole creator of his own reality, which is reflected in the world of events according to his own internal conditions.

Transforming oneself to succeed in transforming the world of events is an ‘inside out’ process and a tool that succeeds in transforming both time and space through self-observation.

Self-Transformism is a movement open to all manifestations of human creativity, such as painting, sculpture, poetry, visual arts, literature, philosophy, biotechnology, science, and quantum physics, broadening the vision and making accessible every discovery that brings man closer to himself.

Because Art, as well as Dream, can only occur individually, the purpose of an Artist can no longer be the realization of a single object or artifact, but the discovery of himself through the act of creation.

The work of art and the author become one and the Artist in this way builds himself from the inside giving shape to something concrete. The object thus becomes the natural expression of his inner world, making visible something invisible that only he can see. Very often this process generates suffering and friction, but it is from this hard internal effort that a sincere and immortal work arises.

All the revolutions, both social and artistic, that have occurred throughout history have always had as their ultimate goal to bring an external change, something that can occur over time, but none has ever really given value to the individual and his transformation, and for this reason, all revolutions have failed – because the man never changes.

The “Self Transformism” believes instead that the only possible revolution is an individual revolution, one accomplished in the absence of time that, as in a nuclear fusion, compresses everything into the eternal and immortal instant.

In this revolution, it is no longer the observer who modifies the observed object, but it is the observer who, in the absence of time, creates the external reality in that precise moment.

The new vision of “Self-Transformism”, like an invisible thread that binds one to the other artists also distant from each other for the historical period and mode of expression, wants to bring to light this ancient alchemy giving attention to what is inherent in every man by right of birth, the right to ‘Dream’ and the right to create its own reality thus transforming the surrounding world.

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