The world cannot create

Elio D'Anna Calligrafia

The Dreamer speaks to the will buried within us

I have no wings to fly

or rather I have wings that I do not know how to use and,

if in the dark before I knew how to crawl,

now I realize that I do not know how to walk.

Before I was able to manage my world,

at least I thought I knew how to.

Now no one seems to notice me.

I long for the days when I was worse off,

in unawareness, in the dark with no light.


This mantra that rises from the depths of our hearts and that we repeat within ourselves, makes us look for palliatives that fill the void, philosophies, religions, parallel universes in which we can sleep, reabsorbed by the same system that we wanted to escape from.

We stop in the arms of those who promise seas and mountains. We do what we do best: we hypnotize ourselves once more.

In this scenario a voice rises, the Dreamer speaks to the will buried within us and forcefully commands us to fly.

“Fly, fly! No one is waiting for you!

Fly and do not wait for anyone!

Enter the dark parts of yourself

where you are simultaneously the executioner

and victim and remember

that nobody from the outside can be as bad as you are to yourself.

You are victims of yourself, of your wickedness, of your lack of love.

Be sincere,

ruthlessly honest and ask yourself the only question that really deserves to be made:

Am I the person behind all this?

How can I know that all this comes from me?

How is it possible to become so poor and so bad?”

The world manifests itself to make you remember all this. The world is there to be read. It is the materialisation of what we are able to create. It does not matter if a good or bad event occurs, the more instantaneous the time between what we dreamed and what happens, the closer we are to understanding something. The simultaneity of an event linked to a sentence, a thought, will lead you to the understanding that the world is a true reflection, and that you can transform the world!


A man does not deserve to become a victim of this projection or accuse others, stiffen rather than being fluid, feel jealousy towards someone or something, be devoured by envy.

Observe at the monster that eats you up inside, look at the disease,

observe death, do not be fooled by your own projections!

They are your biases, observe them and you will be free from them.

Free the world from all poverty, conflict, misery

– only you can do that and only you can rid the world of all this … “

You live in a State of oneness that knows no difference,

enjoy the game,

without any moral, good, bad, beautiful and ugly, there is only joy.

It is an inner realization that leads you to be free,

It is learning to fly!

Can you explain truth and beauty by using negative words?


You cannot express important concepts with stereotypical descriptive attributes. It removes any value and are words emptied from all meaning.

The use of negative concepts makes the beauty of a timeless,

fearless and deathless state of being shine.

Creating your own lie is the expression of a conquest of yourself, continuity and perseverance are essential, otherwise we slip without realizing it into a distant state, into a State of ignorance of which we must be aware. In that instant it degrades our entire world.

In one moment we destroy everything. You do not belong anymore, and only old age and death are expressed, both of which we cannot tolerate here.

We kill ourselves.

Command yourself to circumscribe these conditions,

realise your misery, reject your sense of death and if it is someone outside you,

do not intervene in any way, let this person die.

If you do not do this, you must go through years and years of darkness and pain.

I will say it again, either run or you will be removed or rather, you will remove yourself.

Do not waste time!

How can you live for years and years in abulia?

How can you live in a state of “death”?

The entire body is poisoned, degrades.

Just live for a few seconds in the absence of death and nothing will make you more scared.


We are not masters of our own being, we are victimized by our “being”, we are people debased and destroyed by the world, or rather, since there is no world that can destroy you, we are sick with the only deadly disease that exist: unawareness.

As soon as we draw our attention inside, at the same time we enter the state of self-awareness and nothing else.

What do we need to observe ourselves?

In the moment I get this self-awareness the world has already changed,

but the world and the outside are waiting for your command, your assent.

The world cannot create

Even an attack is always the unconditional obedience of events at your command.

The world has no will of its own. Believing in an external, hostile and threatening world will lead you to destruction, elimination.

The Dreamer speaks to us and we cannot present ourselves to him in a state of death. Elio speaks every day so that we can be a part of this and forgetting it forbidden.

You fall asleep in the illusion that there is someone who can help you, but it is not so, nobody can do anything for you.

The dematerialisation exists, think about how many people have been here over the years, people who have disappeared into thin air.

These are actually people who no longer have this speed, so remember that as soon as you acquire a new speed, the first world disappears, that world dissolves.

Just think how important you are to your world!

Everything in it is created and the rest dissolves. It is the game of life and it is happening right at this moment.

The world reflects your thoroughness and will be ever more healthy and ordered. Conversely if we cling to our degradation, we will age and get diseases and so we are already defeated.


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