True communication

Communication still takes place through signals, electrical impulses and, despite technological advances and innovations, nothing has changed since prehistoric times until now.

True communication is vertical, towards a state of Oneness,

therefore in the depths of Being and in the peaks of aspiration, perpendicular to the time line.

Communication between two people occurs when there is no longer a need to communicate, so we begin to talk about creation, I create you in the image and likeness of Being.

There is no longer a need to communicate with a separate reality, but there is only a state of Oneness.

The Dreamer meets a person and takes him or her in his or her totality, he or she does not go down to the horizontal plane, he or she does not answer directly to the questions that are asked, even to the apparently provocative or superficial ones.

He answers the real question that is hidden inside the person, bringing the solution to his existence, to the unconscious request for help…

It would seem a contradiction, trying to help those who cannot be saved…

The Dreamer recognizes the precariousness and incompleteness, becomes the question and the answer, becomes the person … but you see people as entities outside of you and there you lose the target…

When you are sent and you forget you are a messenger, you enter the waters of worldliness and instantly you find yourself in the middle of the ocean of identification, drowning in its waters. In forgetfulness one enters into debate and dialectics It is difficult to transfer the danger of “falling” to an underlying level, when you degrade and forget, in reality you do not want to have the confrontation with a person, you want to eliminate them.

But the evil you are doing is only within yourself, just as you can’t help anyone, just as you can’t do harm to anyone else but yourself.

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