You came here to save yourself from yourself

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I’ve tried everything to rid myself of this deadly disease, but it seems hopeless. What should I do? 


The Dreamer 

The real question here is – what do you want to do? 

If it’s healing you seek, then you must abandon everything and think only of saving yourself from yourself.

You come here to die to yourself, to face your own lies and you do not know when, or if, you will ever go back where you came from. 

You have spent your whole life, years and years of sacrifice and exasperated effort, to end up in this condition.

You have moved mountains to get this close to eliminating yourself.

You could say you are a man who succeeds in failing, in killing himself.

The world is full of phantoms like you. 


Observe yourself! Look how satisfied you are as you add your drops of medicine into a glass of water, as you gulp down some pills. How ostentatiously you let the ones around you, your family, friends, and colleagues watch you. Observe your joy as you go on your pilgrimage to the doctors, to ancient and modern medicine men, searching for a cure that you don’t want. 


Men like you, for a long time, have chosen death as the way out, but death is never a solution. You should never avoid, suppress or deny the trying condition of sickness; instead, accept it as a healing power and use it for your inner work of transformation. 


You came here looking for a miracle, for someone that could take you out of your dying condition, but no help can come from outside.

Healing is an act of will and no prayer or penitence can substitute it.

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