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About the young generations

About Young People     The world is a symptom, our body is a symptom, everything happens to balance us… The eternal conflict is a fruit of our inattention, lack of awareness… The world does not produce symptoms. It is the symptom… it is the cure in process, a healing procedure… Think of what amplification...

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About young generations

About young generation II “Ordinary man is not used to following his intuition, nor is he encouraged to do so. Since ancient times, young men have been entrusted to schools at a very early age to instill and keep alive in them the pathway to that precious ‘knowledge’ already lying deep within them. From the...

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The undeveloped sides of a man

The undeveloped sides of a man One of the most important disciplines of Lupelius was the art of camouflage. Through the “art of acting” a man had to learn how to wear the right mask or act the perfect role in any circumstance. A man had to be able to relate himself to all sides...

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The Power of Silence

Q. How can I become a successful leader? In solitude, a true leader finds solutions, decides things and overcomes impossible issues, in silence he wins battles and conflicts, and in stillness he climbs mountains and crosses oceans. His team is just an expression of his inner responsibility and it is as faithful and intelligent as...

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Interview with Elio D’Anna on Zhen Shan Ren

  Interview with Elio D’Anna on the Zhen Shan Ren exhibition @Ariaartgallery Florence   The interview with Elio D’Anna, owner of the Aria Art Gallery, on the Art of Zhen Shan Ren focuses on the basic principles of the exhibition: truth, compassion and tolerance. The art exhibition, which has toured the world stopping in more...

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Unity of being heals

Misunderstanding of unity within gives rise to the split between you and I, us and them,  me and the others.   The cancer cell, for example, believes in a separate outer world, just as we do. This belief is fatal, and the only remedy is unity. Unity of being heals. 24th December 1997: The ultimate...

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Love yourself inside

The Will to Love Yourself Inside Fill your being with this vibration: the will to love yourself inside, to love yourself relentlessly. Loving yourself inside is remembering the realest part of you. It is the only thing to do; it is the only activity of a man who has understood that he must constantly transcend...

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il linguaggio dell’uomo nuovo

“Sono convinto che il linguaggio verbale sia limitato al ristretto regno della dialettica… La musica diventerà il nuovo linguaggio universale in grado di superare i confini culturali e geografici delle nazioni, proprio per la sua capacità di ispirare e unire gli individui oltre le parole”

Prologue to Dreaming

On the shores of victory It was the morning after a great battle. My every emotion cried out with the adrenaline of fear, as every muscle with its own lingering poison – images of a battlefield littered with severed bodies haunted me, yet dimmed as my pain, both dissipating like the embers of a dying...

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the Universe is perfect the way it is

      You cannot change the outer conditions without changing the inner ones. Financial power and success in the world depend exclusively upon the condition of your inner life. Be always vigilant and totally aware of your inner states, because it is there that you can create and transform the world you are living...

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