The King is naked

The King is Naked Q. Is Mankind going towards self-destruction? How can we face and find a solution to such a global mess and craziness where rulers, politicians, and technocrats are ruled by vanity and ignorance?  Eighty thousand people die every day. One point four billion people live in extreme poverty and malnutrition.   World Inflation...

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The individual will heal the world

Q. How do we apply such vision in a world of human fear, uncertainty and evil? How do we apply such theory to Nations politically corrupted, States and countries up for a long time in international conflicts? How do we apply such view to a world where warfare and terror persist? Is it possible to...

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The only true government is self-government

It’s the only safety left, the only shelter… Q. If we were all seeking, as you say, and leading a life in solitude, who will then govern the political complexities of a country, manage the economic turns of a nation, or quell the religious, racial and social discriminations that set the world in turmoil? A....

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Q. When and where can I meet the Dreamer?

A. You can meet the Dreamer right ‘now’… … if you know ‘how’ to create a crack into the thick encrustation of ‘time’ hypnotism. Q. But ‘living’ takes time.  ‘Living’ happens in time. ‘Living’ is time, isn’ t it? A. No. True Life happens only in the absence of time. Real Life has neither beginning...

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Q. What about the drugs?

Q. What about the drugs?  Can they take you closer to your Will and integrity? A. Drugs have worked to temporarily block out your external reality – your identification with a world which puts you in a state of expectation and dependence, but at the same time they substitute one dependence with another, putting you...

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Permanent Victory IV

Permanent Victory IV Q. How can I live in paradise forever? A. Even if it’s been a good day…everything’s been smooth, joyful, and successful… don’t indulge! Come out of your state of  self-satisfaction and complacency.   Place your foot on the rung of the luminous ladder and go beyond. Not indulging means that you are already...

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The language of the School

The Economics to Come An interview with Elio D’Anna, Founder and President Of the European School of Economics Q. After the financial crisis, the frontiers and the players of the global economy have changed. The technological developments and the rise of social media have changed the way we reach information, people… We live in a...

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The Art of Dreaming

Questions and Answers Q. How can I act the love for my child, or the grief for my parents passing? Would this not result in me being insincere? A. Sincerity means to intentionally act like a good actor how to be sincere. To be sincere, you must touch that most real part of yourself and...

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No war within no war without

The Individual and the Masses   Tomorrow there is something important to face – you have to bring it close to you – we have an interpretation of reality that tells us everything comes from ‘outside’ and we are helpless before what we have learned to call ‘life’ – that it is merciless. We forget...

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