This is why 

we cannot live in Paradise without awareness

It would instantly turn into an inferno

If you do not actively grow this vision, you will never get out of it. Sometimes a tear opens in this impenetrable fabric and, as in the case of the journalist of the film “Network”, we rebel against these invisible walls and, with a grand gesture, we proclaim our right to freedom.

However, more often than not these moments remain confined in a disarming superficiality. This is the proof of the fact that they are quickly absorbed into the same system from which they were born, chewed and digested by the powerful jaws of this nightmare where we feel like frightened victims.

The only real mortal sin that we have branded on our skin is the reversal of reality. We are the creators of this scenario, of this landscape, of this theatre of the absurd. We are the forgetful creators of everything that happens around us.

From the moment we feel at the mercy of an incomprehensible destiny, we go looking for answers, the same ones that we do not want to see within ourselves. So, as we said, we look for someone able to satisfy our desires, a God to pray to and we tell each other the tale of Aladdin and his genie locked away in the lamp.

But if we pay attention and remember those few moments when we felt good, perfectly balanced, we can experience something important: a break in space-time.

Maybe while we admire a sunset or a perfect colour in the sky, we can remember that, in those moments, we live in no time. We understand and we express our own harmonious state of being. We give special significance to what seems to surround us.

The materialisation and dematerialisation,

the magic of what appears, are linked to a projection of the being.

You are the one who is showing the material part of being and all of this happens in the absence of space-time.

On the contrary, when we enter the tunnel of temporality, the world goes away. We become slaves of this illusion and we become creators in created beings, denizens of a world that contains us.

When reason sleeps we create monsters. More precisely, our sleep becomes the transformation of a dream into a nightmare.

We move in this state of being and, before our eyes, a holographic and hypnotic representation of reality is projected. We take on the status of slaves losing awareness of how to make our dream materialise.

The will is the tool that allows the dream to become reality. Unfortunately, it is an unconscious desire, that is why we find ourselves in a world that we do not recognize as our own and what materialises around us is often the opposite of what that we would like it to be but, in any case, it is always the manifestation of an involuntary desire and this is proof of our creative ability.

We go looking for books which talk of moving in space and time,

of the materialisation and dematerialisation of things.

Every thought is a vehicle that moves us on to another dimensions but, as we are not aware of it, we cannot even connect our thoughts and we jump from one vehicle to another, we forget and, as we are not directing this film called reality, it becomes a collection of disjointed events, in contradiction with each other.

There is an awareness that must be recovered, a Director’s office that contains all the events that occur and, if we regain power over our states of being, we can regain our rights are directors and recognize ourselves as creators of everything.

So why waste time? Stop waiting for something from the outside to come to our rescue, help or save us.

This attitude leads precisely in the direction that we would like to avoid: it throws open the gates of hell with all its corollary of old age, death, loneliness and sadness, a painful burden, impossible to bear.

The remedies that we invented to escape from the real work on ourselves are unnecessary anaesthetics, called problems of survival, work, a son who abandons us, a husband who runs off with a 20-year-old, and diseases of the body and the spirit.

It triggers a loop that wants us to be puppets pulled by invisible threads, so if we have survival problems we will turn to a bank that will bring us far greater problems, a job that we will always be at risk of losing, relationships that will consume us until they become the complete opposite and, finally, the last refuge is illness and death.

This is why we cannot we live in Paradise without awareness

– it would instantly turn into an inferno.

Our condition, just as we are now at this moment, is to be in a world that we did not create. We live in an inhospitable place that we reject completely.


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