Elio D’Anna

"The World is as you Dream it"

The Elio D’Anna’s books “The School for Gods” and “The Technology of the Dreamer” are available in 4 languages in ebook and paperbook versions

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The Humanity to come


The Perspective of Education on the Future of Work


State of Deathlessness


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Unemployment does not exist

  Unemployment does not exist   Only a lack of preparation, says ESE President Finding a first job can be challenging for many...

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Un-Birthday Celebration

Un-Birthday Celebration   The celebration of an everlasting fabulous birthinstant All things subject to birth are destined to disappear. Let’s question therefore our...

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The healing power of the antagonist

The healing power of the antagonist The antagonist is the healer    The antagonist is the one who shows the part within you...

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