Elio D’Anna

"The World is as you Dream it"

The Elio D’Anna’s books “The School for Gods” and “The Technology of the Dreamer” are available in 4 languages in ebook and paperbook versions

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The Humanity to come

The Perspective of Education on the Future of Work

State of Deathlessness


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The Elimination of Fear and all Pain

One is here to approach a broader, more intelligent view of existence. One is here to rebel and overturn the thought that it...

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Interview with Elio D’Anna Greece June 7, 2012

Questions and answers on The School for Gods bestseller The School for Gods is a beautiful experiment   The interview begins with some...

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What’s Freedom?

What’s freedom? Freedom is the refusal to obey any descriptions coming from outside Freedom is not the rising from some slavery state where...

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