It is possible to adopt and apply a Moral approach in an Immoral world?

Master yourself and you will liberate the world from all evils

All evils, boundaries and warfare are the apparent effect of an imaginary division between yourself and the world.

Q. How do we apply such vision in a world of human fear, uncertainty and evil? How do we apply such theory to Nations politically corrupted, States and countries up for a long time in international conflicts? How do we apply such view to a world where warfare and terror persist? Is it possible to adopt and apply a moral approach in an immoral world, a spiritual consciousness to a material, practical world?

Elio. For many years, for as long as it takes to heal yourself, encountering others will mean encountering your own sickness and crime, your own fears and failings, your own inner immorality and conflits….for years and years the world may appear like hell on earth…All this before you recognise that you yourself are the sole creator of all these shadows that grope around in a world of appearance and superstition.