Freedom from any Addiction

freedom from any addiction


… needs and desire included

Real victory on food is to be free from the need to eat food rather than to never eat food. You can just as well be addicted to not eating as you are to eating.

Self-mastery means freedom from any addiction – needs and desires included.

Food doesn’ t feed you, but the light of self-awareness, does.

Freedom is freedom from worry.  Do not pay any attention to your desires and fears.  Let them come and go.  Even ‘desire’ for truth, one day, has to be abandoned to make further progress possible.
Q.  If desires disappear then, what remains?
A.  All that which can never change – all the truth, goodness and beauty of this world, remains – the infinite, almighty, immeasurable you, remains.
Q.  We are worried about tomorrow, about the future – the uncertainty of the future.  We don’ t know how to deal with this uncertainy.
A.  First of all, ask yourself what ‘time’ is all about – the meaning of time.  Time is a trap – a self-created prison.  Time is generated by your own way of thinking.  So, thought breeds fear, and fear creates all that which you are afraid of.   In the omnipotent state of timelessness, fear disappears and with it, all the absurdities and limitations of this world.