Employment is a modern form of slavery

To be an employee is the effect of a condition of being

Q. In your book you express an absolute opposition to the employee status of the vast majority of the society. Are you for the dissolution or dismantling of the big multinational companies, and their substitution with many small personal service-providing businesses? To what degree this is feasible in this age of huge dinosaur enterprises of mondialization?

A. Employment is a modern form of slavery. To be an employee is not a social status, a role in an organization or the effect of a contract. To be an employee is the effect of a condition of being.

The Book is also a manifesto announcing the fall of the employment age. Organizations of the future will need people with a much higher level of responsibility that today’s employees can offer. The rational, provincial, nineteenth-century capitalism that dominated the economy for more than two hundred years, is turning in front of our eyes into an intuitive, emotional, creative capitalism of worldwide dimensions. With it, a need has been growing to transform an economy based mainly on slavery or more or less heavy types of subalternity, in an economy based on freedom, on creativity, on men who love what they do and work for passion.


There is no authority higher than you. No authority can give you happiness, joy, comfort or wealth.

You are the highest authority that gives, loves, dares and dreams from the inside.


Q. You will probably accuse me of being venal, greedy, but the only thing I want is to be rich ….. super-rich.

A. It is impossible for this to happen, for the simple fact that you cannot become what you already are. You can only be what you really are.

Stop indulging in what you are not: unhappy, sad, poor, at war with yourself, and in an instant you will possess everything you think you do not have; freedom, ease, success, financial power, love.

One day you will understand that you yourself are the cause of every limit, you yourself are responsible for every conflict, war and disaster that this planet is suffering from. Stop ‘simply’ being what you are not and the world will free you from poverty, illness, violence and death. The world will become by reflection… heaven on earth.