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ESE is proud to be the winner in the category of “Quality of student life” in the Global Student Satisfaction Awards 2021, organized by StudyPortals

Over 180,000 student reviews from all over the world and more than 4,000 international universities participated and contributed to the great selection.

Questions from StudyPortals

  • Is there anything you are doing differently to support the quality of student life?
  • What are the biggest mistakes universities make when it comes to understanding student experience and quality of life?
  • What can universities do to listen to students and engage more authentically?
  • What are some practical steps universities can take to increase student satisfaction and increase students’ quality of life?




For years, the European School of Economics has been carrying out a work of ‘overturning’ the ordinary vision of man, a revolution of thought that recognizes in the individual, in his dream, the cause of all wealth, the origin of all real change.

Man doesn’t need to be taught.

Intelligence and love are already in every man.

I see it in every student.

My experience is that we don’t need to add anything to students, but to make them come out with the beauty of their uniqueness, their innate creativity.

For this, there is no need for external teachings, but to peel away layers that have settled over the years: poor descriptions, conflicting visions of the world;

negative emotions,

destructive thoughts,

false ideas that still govern humanity as it is.  

Special schools and new universities are needed. Their first teaching must be the revolution of being, at the center of their every interest and at the top of their every priority must be the individual. In the being of the individual is the seed. We must begin from within. Like any healing, we must proceed from the inside out, cell by cell, individual by individual. It is an inside-out process.

Mass universities cannot do that. It cannot reach the individual. The traditional university system is not only obsolete, but extremely fragile. The challenges facing universities, like the Battle of Salamis, will be met with flotillas of small boats.

ESE has created a distributed university, a single, large university, organized into colleges and campuses each sized to accept a maximum of one hundred new students each year. 

Every other revolution in history has failed, whether political or economic. True transformation, the solution to humanity’s age-old problems, can only be the product of a revolution of the mind. We have to think differently.

A bookish knowledge, imposed from the outside, the same for everyone, is a suffocation of their innate essence… it is false, it is illusory… The ‘true’ knowledge is already in every individual.  One just has to ‘remember’, take a trip backwards in vertical memory. Dissect the dream and do what one loves.

Happiness is economics. Only happy men can create a stable and prosperous society.

In the near future, and even today, everyone will want to see their uniqueness recognized, their dignity as an individual.

The universities of the future have to have dimensional walls that allow them to contact all their students, to know their aspirations, their “dream”, to bring out their inner strength and creativity. The future universities will have the task of continuing, in a secular version, the work that synagogues, convents and ashrams have carried out for millennia and left unfinished, becoming receptacles and refuges for men and women who, frightened by existence, do not dare to go beyond.

Only a few Universities will be entrusted with the vital task of preparing the new generations of leaders: visionary men and women, pragmatic dreamers, impeccable warriors, capable of harmonizing the age-old antagonisms: economics and ethics, action and contemplation, financial power and love. 


Elio D’Anna

European School of Economics

Founder and President

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