The United States of Europe …


the United States of Europe

and the Inner States of Man

Q. How should we react to all the wars and to all the sufferings and bloodshed in this world?

Elio. Sorrow in the world is due to your having forgotten your own Being, having given reality to the picture on the screen.

This world can be changed if you work on yourself. Causes or no causes, you have made this world and you can change it. The reason why you don’t understand is because you believe that you are in the world and not that the world is in you. Taking appearance for reality is a mortal error and the very cause of all calamities. The very cause of all natural calamities and human disasters is your conflictual inner Being. In an external disaster, only those who refuse to understand, will be destroyed. Your inner states and attitudes determine whether the great cycles of nature are going to kill you or take you to a new dimension, to a higher level of understanding where all human horrors: diseases, wars, poverty and death, will cease to exist