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The World Needs Neither Redeemers Nor Saviors

He who has not defeated the lie within himself, he who is unaware of his own misery, of his inner conflicts and division, cannot do anything for others. “If you lift the smoke-screen surrounding philanthropy in its every form, you might discover that behind the suffragists and the Salvation Armies, behind medical and pharmaceutical aid...

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The economics of everlasting life

The new economics of the coming decades One day all organizations, from the smallest businesses to the huge multinationals will have at their helm a philosopher of action, a pragmatic dreamer, a luminous visionary who has taken care of his own integrity, who knows how to believe in the impossible and make it concrete. Until...

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The Instant

Everyone considers his or her personal memory as the most real thing… … and their memories, their own past, as the root of their life. People would and could never be able to renounce this idea. However, our memory is deceitful; it is programmed Now and occurs in this very instant. Just as the imagination...

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A School of Being for children

Each child carries within himself a gift. Each child has a dream, an inner vision and a unique, individual mission to accomplish. In ordinary, conventional schools children learn reading, maths and writing, discover how long the Thames is, the population of New York and how much oil and gas is produced and extracted in Russia,...

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The Leader of a new exodus

To Mr. Donald Trump #USAelection2016 The leaders of a new exodus. The cells of this new humanity must be educated one by one. The harmonization of opposites has to take place in every man. In economics as in politics, a new generation of leaders – a decision making aristocracy is going to appear on the horizon...

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