Dreaming is the absolute totality of your being

Dreaming is so hugely self-fulfilling to put you in a state of absolute desirelessness, limitlessness, timelessness, deathlessness.

Desire makes you reactive and therefore, finite.

Dream makes you proactive and therefore, infinite.

In desiring you are imposing a limit to yourself.

Dreaming has no limit.

Dreaming is freedom.

Desire is a prison. Desire imprisons you in a role, no matter how important it is.

Dreaming makes you free from any role.

Dreaming allows you to act a strong commitment to any role you are called to play in life and at the same time being totally free from it.


Notice inside you the impossibility to catch a new idea, to accept it as something unique… to dive into the invisible, to “dream” something original, something apparently impossible, never thought before… to play a special, single note outside of the pentagram you have unconsciously forced yourself to live in.


You will realise that it is easier to move a mountain. You will realise that soon you will no longer be able to resist the aging, stiffening process started so long ago. Rich men and poor men, politicians and citizens, entrepreneurs and workers, Nobel prize winners and ordinary men, everyone takes his own song of doom with him, everybody takes his own prison with him, sealed in an air bubble, crucified in his own role, in his own habits, giving in without any rebellion to an inglorious destiny

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