The economy of the future

Industries and large companies operating in the social fabric

will have to teach their collaborators the art of dreaming,

bringing and spreading the principles linked to self-improvement

and the inner integrity of the individual


This will allow the evolution and growth of each person who is part of the company, from the managers to the last of the employees, and the world of Business will be the new frontier able to inherit the knowledge of the great esoteric schools of the past.
The business world will have to be aware that only through the qualitative improvement of every single cell can there be financial and economic expansion.

Quality will be the only economic goal; if quality is lacking, decline will be immediate.

Q.. What could be the greatest and most profound aspiration in life?
A. For many people, accumulating money or achieving a position of prestige is the most desirable goal and a necessary condition for a sense of security and well-being. But anyone who has achieved success without adequate preparation will soon see how all these desires turn into their opposite, the amount of money becomes worry, fear and uncertainty about the future will lead back to the original poverty and misery.

Q. Can we learn from books or from our own or other people’s experiences, culture, knowledge, tradition or something from the past? Is there a teaching that can lead us to understanding?
A. Understanding, clarity, integrity, freshness and novelty belong to the Present to that which lives in timelessness. The past can never be of any help in understanding the present. ESE has within it the ‘Dream’ of a happy and free humanity, expressed through a truly rich economy. The ESE teaches that it is not the resources of the planet that are insufficient, but the limited vision of humanity itself, its incomplete psychology and the inability to contain and extend well-being to every individual, every organisation, every culture and every civilisation… ESE’s mission is to prepare a new generation of business economist leaders, visionary leaders and pragmatic dreamers, equipped with a complete psychology, capable of harmonising the apparent antagonisms of all time: ethics and economics, action and contemplation, financial power and love.

Q.,I have always nurtured the dream of eliminating poverty from the planet and finally seeing humanity free of conflict and suffering. In your opinion, is wealth not a sufficient condition for world peace?
A. In order to eliminate war and world terrorism, it is necessary to eradicate the root cause of their existence, which is rooted in your own inner conflicts. Only through the deep understanding of your divinity in human form do you have the possibility of creating health, peace, prosperity and happiness in the very same way that you create disaster, suffering and death.

When you are in the Instant, your inner Being is able to unify everything and can harmoniously change the course of history. In order to make hunger disappear from the planet forever, it will be enough to stop believing that you need help from the outside, so diseases will be defeated when you give up hurting yourself inside and the scourge of poverty will stop afflicting the peoples of the Earth, if you know how to give up your inner misery. All the immorality that belongs to the political sphere, to religions and ideologies with their racism and persecutions will cease to affect the world at the exact moment when you will no longer be its victim. Revolutions, wars, violence and crime will magically disappear when you consciously return to your inner wholeness. You are the cause and source of everything! If you keep this memory, you will no longer have to follow any discipline. In inner solitude you will be able to go down deep, to get in touch with the origin of everything and anything. By mastering yourself you will realise how useless is the search for the miraculous or any religious vision or trance. But also the lie of science and the illusory nature of beliefs where superstitions merge with gods and angels, ghosts and aliens where scientists and barkers worship and converse with their idols. All yearning for knowledge will fade to nothingness, there will be neither knowledge nor desire. Not knowing is true knowledge and in this silence there is more than you could ever desire and in this kind of emptiness you will know that all knowledge is mere ignorance. Remember! All knowledge from outside is false. The only real knowledge is within oneself, that is the real knowledge.

Q. How is it possible to acquire awareness of this knowledge?
R. Do not stop dreaming! Reality is made of the stuff of dreams. It is the substance of the dream that gives life to the world. If you stop dreaming the world dies, it is as simple as that… poverty, crime and war come from a society that has stopped dreaming. Entire civilisations, races, empires, countries and peoples have disappeared from the face of the Earth because they have forgotten the real reason for their existence. Dream! Apply the principles of the School and remember that Economics is a School of Being.