Dr Jackyll and Mr. Hyde part II

The Dark side of ourselves



It’s a form of compassion: these apparently adverse events are the visible appearance of our unwholiness. Through this visibility, we can reach integrity. Something is missing internally and the world is showing us externally


What are we lacking within?

Lack of attention,

lack of awareness,

lack of consciousness, of vigilance, of sincerity, of courage

to meet with the dark side of ourselves.


The illness, the missing part is in our conscience. The symptom is a sign that points to the cause. Through that financial problem, that illness, we can understand the opposites, balance them and transfer them to a higher order.

This is healing, the meaning of turn the other cheek, of love your enemy.

Having reached a balance within, you do not need the report of your lack of attention to inner events, that are called states, or your lack of responsibility, of honesty, by not wanting to meet them.

Awareness of our states of Being cancels many negative experiences out there.

Simply observing them, negative emotions will disappear. A jump in consciousness raises our description of the world that is the same as that of 6 billion individuals. Negative emotions, when observed, disappear and the events that we would have faced disappear along with them.


Staying still, observing yourself, getting to know yourself, contacting ourselves in the darkest part, this is healing. The world is the perfect projection of our own bondage within.