When you feel an attack coming from the immoral

use the technique of U-Turn

to see what has produced that immorality

Set the world as a table full of wealth, beauty, joy, honesty, infinity, catch up with everything and pay your debts. Understand that breathing is from within and that the oxygen of the atmosphere is a by-product of the oxygen within, it is a gift of life from the immortal to the immoral.

When you feel an attack coming from the immoral use the technique of U-Turn to see what has produced that immorality, go upstream to see what it corresponds to, what is the immorality within you that has attracted it. Take a good look at the event and compare it to the whole universe by saying to yourself: if I am the creator of the whole universe, how small is this immorality compared to the totality of which I am the creator, the author, the factor, the benefactor?

Compare the attack that comes to you from outside with the immensity, the vastness, the eternity, and you will see its illusion. You will discover its non-existence, you will smile at having been dazzled by an illusion, by a play of shadows. You will be able to discover what is superfluous in you, the useless suffering and impotence.
Think what power self-observation has, if that thing is not useful, as soon as you circumscribe it it disappears. So always ask yourself whether a thought is good or bad for you! But we want to live in uselessness, in the loss of energy… The others are your deaths, the others are you fragmented in time. To go and meet others is to go and meet your own death which is reflected in others.

When I meet you who are also the dearest people, I have to descend from life to death.

To return to yourself in stillness and silence means life, only you exist and no one else outside you, alone and without otherness. Gratitude! …Treat the world as if you were in front of me, without negative consideration, with respect, abandoning the ego, in the absence of doubts and fears, but above all with seriousness. Abandon the trappings of ego, be naked before the world, wear purity and seriousness.

A person one day asked the Dreamer: “I want to meet God, face to face, I want to become one with Him” after this promise he had to cross the river of death and rebirth countless times, which in ordinary life took thousands of years.
Without the Dreamer you are trapped in the wheel of time and you are dead before you begin. The Dreamer replied “If you have to return, a chain of events will tell you how, if you don’t have to return, symptom-events will sharpen and bring you even lower. After such a promise you can no longer back out, abdicate, to the mortality of the world! If you change, the world changes with you If you improve, the world reflects your improvement If you win yourself, you win the world.
If you love you with all your might, you will love the world Take inventory and take possession of all the elements of your dream will allow you to understand that it is a nightmare.

Observe yourselves! Study yourselves. Self-observation is a careful study of your thoughts, feelings, desires, pains, doubts, fears, enthusiasms and vulgarities. Eliminate the superfluous; through observation you will understand what you do not need. Choose frugality, simplicity, cleanliness and purity; bring into your life only those elements that are useful, healthy, necessary and essential. Deal resolutely with the unhelpful, the unnecessary, eliminate the superfluous. Every single aspect of yourself must be circumscribed and addressed…. All that which is useless or unnecessary, you have to face it…

But how do you know what is useful and what is not?
How do you know what is necessary, essential and what is superfluous?
How do you know what is important and what is not?
How does one know what is real and what is illusory?

All that is ballast, vulgarity, all that is unnecessary when circumscribed by attention, disappears! It only takes a few seconds of attention to circumscribe and eliminate what is unnecessary from your life.

And everything that is not part of freedom… disappears…
And everything that is not part of integrity… disappears…
And anything that is not part of the real… disappears…

What remains is only what is relevant to the encounter with the Dreamer within you.