War is only won when we remember

In order to face the Antagonist and to be able to contain it one must learn to enter into oneself, strategically use the time one has available to enter into a band of vibrations so intense, with frequencies so high, that they verge on silence. There you are compact, impenetrable, victorious. War is only won when we remember. The intense light that emanates from the exact moment when we remember emerges radiates everywhere and is able to transform everything in every direction of space and time. The moment you remember you have to stop, stop what you are doing, interrupt any action to escape mechanicality.

We have to pierce that incrustation!

We are all encrusted by mechanics and the only tool we have to break this shell is will. The will is not a tool of the mind, it has nothing to do with reason, it is the intentional control over everything that belongs to our inner self, down to the smallest detail.

D. How can we access our will?

R. Through observation and total self-observation, only in this way can we ensure that nothing can enter to harm us: this is power, this is glory! As we are now, we want and seek problems, because they make us feel alive, while the absence of a role is a prospect that causes us pain.

Be questionless! Be answerable! To be questionless and to be answerable are one and the same thing.

Only a man of integrity can be one, a responsible man, focused on the joy of loving/giving, who never thinks of receiving. Such an individual pulls his own strings and pulls the strings of his own life out of his own hands.

Such an individual pulls his own strings, is author of himself, is endlessly alert and never falls into a lower state of Being. Haunting the prey and realising that it does not exist, is his favourite hobby.