Visibilia ex Invisibilibus The visible comes from the invisible, just as sound comes from silence and movement from stillness.   Visibilia ex invisibilibus is the European School of Economics’s motto, and it means internal responsibility, it means that the external can only reveal something that has already happened in the World of Ideas, in the World of Causes, in the World of Creativity, in the World of Dream.

Indeed, Vertical Dimension exists as opposed to the Flatland, the flat world with the two dimension of ordinary reality, the perceivable one. This Vertical Dimension is the World of Invisible.   At the beginning of the century, the quantum theories have shown us the enormous emptiness that governs the essential particles of matter, forcing us to accept the paradox that the whole universe is essentially composed by emptiness and that that almost nothing is the substance of reality. The quick and exponential evolution of scientific knowledge steadily challanges our conceptual schemes, often contradicting the experience coming from our everyday reality, as it is transmitted to our senses, till we finally consider the possibility that the physical objects and the whole existing world could be only a product of the imagination, in that theatre called reality and, then, we ask ourselves: «What’s beyond the Visible?»   All we can see, feel, touch and hear, the reality itself in all its variety, is none other than the projection of a world, invisible to our senses, that however exists above the apparent reality and actually is its reason.

The Invisible isn’t something metaphysic, poetic or mythological, nor something mysterious or supernatural, and not even a part of the world of realistic phenomena and categories. We are surrounded by the Invisible.   Never before as in this precise period in the human history we have been so able to perceive it, to make it heritage of knowledge for our everyday life and for our sensible experience. We still have to learn how to accept it and completely believe in it; we still have to learn how to transform it in a new way of perceiving reality. We have to finally understand that we live in a world made out of Invisibility, that we are Invisible! All our thoughts, feelings, emotions, fantasies, imaginations, dreams are Invisible! And everything that belongs to hope, ambition, secrets, fear, doubt, perplexity, uncertainty and all our feelings, desires, attractions, aversions, love and hate are Invisible!Everything that’s important and it’s real in a man is Invisible!  

The discovery of the existence of a Vertical Dimension, even in economy and business is the same as asserting the idea of a World of Cause, of a plan of superior order from which even economical circumstances depend. The archaic activities were inspired by religious motives to the point that work was transformed into liturgy. Nowadays, underdevelopment economical conditions are usually associated to a specific economy absorbed in a system of obsolete moral values. But this is only the other side of a problem, that in the advanced economies appears in terms of pathology and social diseases. The same revolutionary transformation of economy still in progress in the ex-URSS is the result of a change of incredible proportion and intensity, that took place firstly in the system of values of those countries.   In 1996, when President Gorbachev has been a guest of European School of Economics in Rome to make the opening speech of academic year, we remembered how, before every other sign signalled the fall of the Berlin wall – an episode that any political scientist hadn’t been able to forecast – the political language at the Kremlin had slowly developed to the point that were introducedwords such as kindness, nobility, morality, humanity and, even, mercy.

Gorbachev, in a memorable invitation to Western countries, on December, 1ˢᵗ, 1989, said in front of the great nations revolutionary words, like spiritualization of life and talked about the eternal values of men. Those words, that would have been impossible to say a couple of months before, showed how the visible effects of the biggest revolution in the second half of the 20ᵗᵗͪ century, with the lowering of the flag on the Kremlin and the fall of the Berlin wall, were actually the effect of an invisible change, that began earlier on. It was this deep transformation in the way of thinking and feeling of the people that would have determined, shortly afterwards, the revolutionary change in economy and politics.   The economical, political and social reality depends on the Being, like the shadow depends by dimension and shape on the object that projects it. The great economical arrangements done in Russia and the plans of intervention that rallied the big economies of the world are just insignificant spots on the line of economy and business and they’ll stay the same without that expansion of vision and intelligence that coincides with the addition of a Vertical Dimension to economy, which is the Ethical Dimension. In order to produce those results something must be transformed in the system of values, in that dimension we call moral, invisible and still very concrete.

It is therefore in the system of moral values, and more broadly in the invisible World of Ideas, of ideological and social values, of philosophy and language, that we find the origin, the driving force of the facts that project themselves visibly in the world of economy and business and that sudden seem to us, because we couldn’t perceive them where they were concretely appearing. The reality itself has cast the warnings of its transformation, but only few have been able to understand and be prepared. Only the more attentive men, aware of the strong influence of the World of Values on economy, know that the economical facts come later on. Indeed, they are, like shadows, the projection of a higher and more complex order of reality. Without those men, prepared to this, with this knowledge of the deep relationship between ethic, moral values, philosophy, religion, ideas and economy, we would have been left behind in the path of history. We would have been left behind as civilizations, as nations and as organizations.Wealth, just as economic underdevelopment, cannot be explained only with the classic criteria of economy.

The real reasons remain Invisible! It’s those that determinate the destiny of countries, of organizations, of individuals, nestled at the roots of their project of life and development.   What is Visible grows from the Invisible. The Invisible explains what we will see, as the drawing comes before the building. The prosperity of economy, the ripeness of institutions, the harmony of civil and political life cannot be explained only with economy. Economy without the ethical dimension it’s a dark room. Nothing can be seen: no colours, no surfaces. The access to the World of Ideas is the opening of a window that floods the room with light, but it is not its source. The source is the Sun that shines no matter what, whether the windows is open or not. And behind Ethic, which changes in time and space, there’s the Sun of Being, still and constant.   For being able to access the World of Ideas we should remember that not even a grain of Hell can enter Paradise. The firm belief that our resources are unlimited, as wrongly the classical economists keep on teaching, is a thousand-year old prophecy of bad luck that becomes truth only when someone believes in it, and it is the reason of poverty.   The Universe is pure abundance, it is a cornucopia overflowing of everything that the heart can desire, both on a material and on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. Every thing that is needed or desired is already here, for the ones who ask. Only one thing has to be done: truly desire it, truly believe in it, and lastly, being willing and able to accept it.

Those who cannot percept the world as rich and abundant are loyal to a planning of paucity rather than of abundance. They feed the old prejudice that poverty is unavoidable. Evil is limited, only Good is without limit! Evil is serving good and limits are scarce, they have their turn, their duration and then they’re gone. We can have only the ones for which we’re responsible for. Humanity with an unlimited responsibility will have unlimited resources available. We have to stop pretending and believing that pain, disease, failure and poverty are accidents. It’s you and only you the one who creates them. We are fully responsible of our lives. We and only we are fully responsible of our destinies, of what happens in our lives.There’s the Art of Dreaming, the Art of Believing and Creating, the ability to raise the Being to a level of new chances of knowing. It’s the art of harmonizing the opposites and transforming adversities in events of a superior order.   The invitation of the European School of Economics for the opening ceremony of the academic year 1997/1998, celebrated with the speech of the Nobel Prize John Forbes Nash, an economist and one of the greatest mathematical minds of the century, asserts: «The University should suggest a system of vital ideas that enables to interpret the world, to give a precise framework of men’s condition and its possible evolution. University has to prepare the cells to a new humanity, individuals, inspired by an objective ethic: visionary men and women, pragmatic philosophers of action, able to feed the Dream of a global economy and of a policy of planetary responsibility, aware that their development is the foundation of every society’s progress.».