A School of Being for children

a school of being for children


Each child carries within himself a gift.

Each child has a dream, an inner vision and a unique, individual mission to accomplish.
A School of Being for Children

In ordinary, conventional schools children learn reading, maths and writing, discover how long the Thames is, the population of New York and how much oil and gas is produced and extracted in Russia, in the States or in the Middle East. But what they don’t really learn is, how to discover, reveal and manifest the real cause and source of all and everything – their inner being. They are not taught how to bring out their own dream and vision.

How to keep one’s inner states free and in harmony,
one’s body healthy, one’s very life…. safe.

How to solve problems, overcome crisis, find resources, win battles, fulfil commitments, find resources and how to reach one’s goal effortlessly.

And because no child is taught this, many end up, as adults, in the wrong place, wrong job, wrong relationship and, defeated and disappointed they withdraw in resignation and failure. A school of being for children should teach them how to study and observe themselves.

They grow up and don’t know anything about their own thoughts and emotions and seldom have the opportunity to find out why their life ends up in suffering and misery. A school of being should convey in every child this very principle: the world is as it is because you are as you are and not vice-versa.

However, everything that really counts and matters in life is not taught in conventional schools and universities.

They are very deleterious ….. Schools should support children to become free from any conditionings coming from outside and capable to lead their own lives through self-discovery and inner understanding.