Icaro’s Way

Decisions and solutions are as good as the individual that takes them

A man pointed towards the top, impeccably aimed at his improvement, can find solutions for situations that appear without a way out and transform adversities into events of superior order.

The etymology of the verb to decide has something mysterious in it. If we take the root, caedĕre, that means to fall down, to be knocked down, we can hear in it a terrible warning. That human feature which we proudly consider our noblest ability, indissolubly tied to our free will, in reality hides our fall, our ruin.

One of the most diffused prejudices, and in truth the architrave on which the common description of the world lies on, is that there are objective decisions that any of us could take provided we had all the necessary information and all the decision-making techniques to assess, read and weigh them out. In truth, the most extraordinary thing to discover about decisions and decision-making processes is that good decisions, objective and valid in absolute, do not exist.


Decisions and solutions are as good as the individual that takes them.


United States of America would not be here and it would have been impossible even to imagine their existence if the certainty in the greatest and most wonderful of all miscalculations did not support Christopher Columbus who until his death remained convinced that he had discovered the route to the Indies. The American Indians still carry the legacy of this erroneous certainty registered forever in their names.

In the World of Events, in the Realm of Opposites, you cannot encounter real solutions.

Solutions, in fact, are not on the same plane of the problems.

Solutions come from above and not in time!

We have to know how to enter into the World of Solutions.

When you will rise your Being, all that looked blurry will become clear and the apparent problems that seemed unconquerable mountains will reveal themselves to be nothing more than light protrusions, humps on which to step on and go further.