The School

Man’s highest possible freedom

People believe that man can be changed solely by education but an education coming from the outside will never help man achieve his highest possible freedom. There have been many leaders, revolutionaries, philosophers, visionaries, reformers, dictators, popes, kings and emperors, who have attempted to change or improve the life of man, but they didn’t succeed because...

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Most of you are conditioned… by culture, by knowledge, by environment, by food, clothes, politics, religion, sex and so on. There can be only weakness and slavery where there are conditionings. When you are conscious of the fact that you are entirely conditioned, lost, or identified with something, you become free. All wars and conflicts...

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Politics and the Dream

The economy and politics do not work For years the Economics Department of the European School of Economics, has been conducting studies on the origins of nations’ wealth and the factors that determine the competitive advantage, as well as the problems of economics development and the real causes of the endemic poverty in large areas...

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Politics and the Dream II

Politics as well as for economy is as it is because of our psychology Intervening in the economy and trying to direct it through economic methods and tools is the idea of an isolated science, closed in on itself. It is like trying to change images projected on a screen by scratching at it with...

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Q. What about the drugs?

Q. What about the drugs?  Can they take you closer to your Will and integrity? A. Drugs have worked to temporarily block out your external reality – your identification with a world which puts you in a state of expectation and dependence, but at the same time they substitute one dependence with another, putting you...

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Permanent Victory IV

Permanent Victory IV Q. How can I live in paradise forever? A. Even if it’s been a good day…everything’s been smooth, joyful, and successful… don’t indulge! Come out of your state of  self-satisfaction and complacency.   Place your foot on the rung of the luminous ladder and go beyond. Not indulging means that you are already...

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The Inner Economy

The Inner Economy The reason our world has three billion people starving and in deprivation is the result of an imposed belief based on a monetary, quantitative economy.  Starvation and poverty will disappear from the earth if we understand that solution can only come from an inner creative economy.  And remember!  Freedom, justice and prosperity for...

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Physical energy and Power of Doing I

Physical Energy and Power of Doing Science knows how to calculate the energy required to lift a certain weight or to move a table. It can tell us how many calories are needed and which foods and in what quantities we must eat them. But we still do not know where energy comes from and...

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A New Man

A new species, completely transformed is about to appear on the scene “I have dreamed a School that believes that happiness is economy…..that only a man who dreams can create wealth…..a School where a new generation of leaders will learn that economics is the Art of Dreaming…” If the world is really as you dream it – if...

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