The Inner Creative Economy

the inner creative economy

“The slightest change in your being moves mountains and projects yourself as a giant in the world of events.”


This is just an example of what every teacher should include in their hearts and in their lessons so that the students can tackle their working lives from a very unique vision that will ensure them a very profitable, successful return.

The inner creative economy is the answer and the solution to all crisis

Economy like politics is an inner matter. Any external revolution, be it social, political or economical, can only increase misery and suffering, and perpetuate without remedy, crisis, conflicts and violence. If the world is really as you dream it – if the world is truly an extension of your inner being, as we believe it is, then you can be certain that there is an impeccable,  rich economy within man that, once revealed, will change and govern the world at will…. in harmony and prosperity.

The reason our world has three billion people starving and in deprivation is the result of an imposed belief based on a monetary, quantitative economy.  Starvation and poverty will disappear from the earth if we understand that solution can only come from an inner creative economy . But you have to remember that freedom, justice and prosperity for all humans is a romantic illusion when it is believed or expected coming from outside.

Freedom and prosperity are the outcome of a healthy humanity that understands that “nothing is external” and that only a creative, qualitative economy coming from within can save the world from war, injustice, hunger and misery.