For a man to be completely free he must fight a lifetime of indoctrination!

Knowledge, culture or discipline coming from outside will never help you to achieve the highest level of understanding or any possible way to freedom – freedom from descriptions, beliefs, superstitions, from internal and external conditionings, from identification with inner moods and outer events, freedom from mass media and mass-hypnotism, freedom from your own fears, negative emotions and false ideas, freedom from what you wrongly call yourself – freedom from all subjection or dependence – freedom from the conventional first education – freedom from all political and ideological tendencies.   For a man to be completely free he must fight a lifetime of indoctrination!   He must overturn his way of seeing things.   Only in this way, and through hard work, can he change his history and destiny, memory and imagination, past and future… A man can never achieve this alone.. He needs a School – a special School – a School that doesn’t teach, that doesn’t add but eliminates.  A School for overturning – where ideas and knowledge are overthrown…. and first and foremost, the idea that death is inevitable….”Nothing has to end unless you dream it so…. not a business and not even your very life. Death is the ultimate resistance to truth, harmony and beauty.”