President Elio D’Anna Meeting with the students 

Graduation Day 2018, Florence

Visibilia ex Invisibilibus

The motto of the school is Visibilia ex Invisibilibus.  This makes us special.  We have something that goes  beyond ordinary business schools.  Not to be presumptuous, about it , but if you understand what visibilia ex  invisibilibus means, we can have a very good start.

From the invisible to the visible  – from the inner states to the events we meet, from  inner vision comes the reality which surrounds us.  This is very important to understand.

Everybody wants to become rich, famous, victorious – to win the battle of life.  But you have to understand that life is not something that we perceive.   It is something that we project.  Life is as it is, because you are as you are and not vice versa – vision makes reality.   Vision creates reality, your own dream creates the reality you are living, and this is misunderstood by our parents, teachers, professors.  We are easily identified with the world outside believing that the very cause is out there, but it is not outside of you.  This will guide you very much in your life.  If  you get identified with your outer life, the outer reality, you will get lost in a labyrinth of confusion and chaos; you will get lost in the crowd, in the multitude. 

 If you would right now pay attention to yourself,  just like having  an arrow pointed towards yourself, in this very moment you become an individual.  ‘Individual’ means ‘indivisible’.  You do not belong anymore to the mass, to the crowd.  You are you, yourself…and this is special.  Twenty –four hours a day we get lost in many things.  Also studying is a sort of ‘prison’ if you are not aware of yourself.  This is not a philosophy.  I am a practical man and I am telling you how ‘to do’ in life.  

‘The Power of Doing.’ 

You have to be a businessman, to be a leader.  You have to tell others what to do and what not  to do .  This is what I dreamed for my students – that they can be leaders and not followers.