Do you have anything original?


do you have anything original?

Do you have anything of your own to show – to bring forth?

You have to dig deep within yourself – there is no time to waste. You think that you can leave here, and pick up where you left off when you come back, but you will not! If you have the strength to come back , you will pick up where you began – years ago.

You are sad because you don’t even ask yourself what the meaning of life is. You don’t know why you are here.

If you had realized that you are here to overcome your own damnation. How could you not be anything but happy?

It is cruel to put someone into the world without knowing what life is for, yet sleeping people do it every day. You are all machines on remote control – you have to rebel!

Have dignity! You are here to be the revolutionary of your own self, not just another person meeting and bonding with other useless people! Life is such because you are such – it’s so hard to admit. You think mechanically, and are convinced that you are such because life is such. That you are a victim of the world…and no one does anything to help you.

It will become difficult to meet the Dreamer. You will plan and organize and struggle to put yourself in the right place at the right time, but you will fail, and that person hiding in your very own shadows waiting to take your life away will not miss his mark. This will never happen to a man who is awake. Just like I intuitively avoid you when you’ve degraded, there will be elements belonging to My integrity that lead Me away from any trap, that keep Me safe and protected. How do I know? I just know, that’s all.

There is a disease, a war going on inside yourself that you ignore – the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, the bombs going off in the streets – these are all real for you. These are all the causes you accept as the perpetrators of your unhappiness and demise.

The only resolvable problem, the closest one to yourself is the only one you refuse to see. You will never admit to be the creator and origin of your own reality, good or bad it be. Admitting to be the very cause of all your troubles and misfortunes it would force you to change and be responsible for anything happening in the world.