The others are not aliens


the others are not alien

The others are you yourself projected into the world of events.


Don’ t criticize, don’t complain or blame the others for their errors because they are only reflecting your inner states and conditions.

Don’ t try to teach the others anything because they already know all that you want them to know.

Don’ t try to help or save the others because there is no one to help or save but yourself.

The others think and perceive all that you think and perceive.

They dream and do all that you dream and do.

They harm or love each other in the same measure you harm or love yourself.

Be alert all the time! If you darken and freeze over inside, you will lower the intelligence of the entire world and the others will appear like ferocious aliens, violent enemies trying to attack or destroy you.

Remember! The others are your Light.

The others are your projections.

The others are the most earnest, sincere tool you can ever possess.

The others exist to tell you the absolute truth and to mercilessly denounce what is missing in you.

The others serve and love you with all their strength and power, if you know how to serve and love yourself within.

The others are you, and are as alive as you are.