The School

The Non-teaching of the Dreamer

Ordinary people can never realize that all the confusion, sufferings, crisis or misfortunes they find in the world are coming from within… Q. Why should one exchange one discomfort for another, still more frightened and more uncomfortable? A. You can say that studying at the School for Gods can make you more awake, but you...

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The United States ‘dreaming now’

Trump said he wants “dreamers to come from the United States.”     “I want dreamers to come from the United States,” Trump said. “I want the people in the United States that have children, I want them to have dreams also. We’re always talking about ‘DREAMers’ for other people. I want the children that...

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President Elio D’Anna @GaidarForum Mosca

World of Ideas   “All we see and touch, all we perceive, the skyscrapers of finance, the pyramids of industry, the discoveries and achievements of science and technology, all we call “reality”, is nothing but the projection of an inner invisible world, a world of ideas and values that runs vertically to the plane of our existence:...

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Prologue to Dreaming

On the shores of victory It was the morning after a great battle. My every emotion cried out with the adrenaline of fear, as every muscle with its own lingering poison – images of a battlefield littered with severed bodies haunted me, yet dimmed as my pain, both dissipating like the embers of a dying...

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The game of encounter

The Game of Encounter “…The ‘game of encounters’ will allow you to compress time… You’ll learn more about yourself in the game than an ordinary man could do in ten lifetimes. For you the world is too real. Only the ‘game’ will free you from this petrified, rigid description, and allow you access to a...

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Interview with Astra Magazine II

Q. What is exactly ESE’s mission and what is taught at it? A. True education is freedom from all forms of hypnosis, dependency and superstition. True education is letting go of inner conflict. This will free the world from all contradiction, violence and war Q. Can you give as a simple idea for better, happier...

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The Dream is the most Real Thing there is

What you call reality is only an image that must be completely overturned. Nothing of the old world can be brought with you. You will have to learn a new way of thinking, breathing, acting and loving… Life is too precious to waste in dependence and too rich to lose! It’s time to change! It’s...

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Top Leader

There is no help coming from anywhere at all The success of any enterprise depends mainly upon the inner responsibility and integrity of their leader. Many organizations have failed because of lack of an intrepid leader, pragmatic dreamer, philosopher of action. The training of a leader through self-knowledge and self-remembering: leads him to the Dream that...

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