The Economy of the future II

What should be the characteristics of tomorrow’s leaders?   Q. Can you mention a name from the real world who can be considered as a good leader? (from political and business life) A. “There are many leaders today who have conquered this inner integrity and guide at a distance all of humanity. It is difficult...

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The Economics to come

An interview with Elio D’Anna, Founder and President of the European School of Economics   Q. After the financial crisis, the frontiers and the players of the global economy have changed. The technological developments and the rise of social media have changed the way we reach information, people… We live in a world which is...

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Here and now

HERE AND NOW Now is omnipresent     Monday, Jenuary, 15ᵀᴴ, 2007, 2:52 a.m.     Q.: How can we believe in something like the fleeting Now, which lasts not even an instant? A.: That which is limitless can be neither contained nor governed by time. The Now is omnipresent. Q.: If no law of...

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ESE Mission

Only individuals can transform society    Q. What is the major difference between ESE and other business schools? A. You can create and experience all kinds of desires, but your Dream is only yours.   The aim of the European School of Economics is to focus each of its students on the uniqueness of his...

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Q. If we were all to do as you say, and seek a life of solitude, who will then govern the political complexities of a country, manage the economic turns of a nation, or quell the religious, racial and social discriminations that set the world in turmoil? A. Government is self-government.  Self-government is the only...

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Focus on Now

If you focus on the Now, time will no longer be linear but simultaneous — past, present and future will co-exist. In this frame of conscious awareness you create the New World — new types of light-based technologies, new ways of communication, new forms of community-living, new systems of government, new resources, new economy, new...

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