Questions and Answers

The Dreamer and you


Q. Do you believe that this purely personal march of your hero in the book, towards knowing himself, can be standardized and applied in a wide scale, so that we may have billions or trillions of gods on earth?

Elio. Once again, the Book establishes a unique, personal, intimate, relationship with the reader. It aims to show you that there is nobody else on earth. As a matter of fact, going through it, you soon realize that the Book tells you what you already know, to the point that you will feel that it is not you reading the Book but the Book reading you, helping you to find out who you are.

You keep asking “what about the planet”, and you show worries about managing its limited resources. But resources are not limited – You are limited.

When the earth – if we want to follow your line of thought, and imagine that there is something out of you – will have millions of gods, or millions of real individuals, the planet will fly and conquer the unimaginable.


Q. You refer to the revolutionary historic discovery of Copernicus on the heliocentric system. Are you aware that the professor of Astronomy Eug.Antoniades, after a very thorough research, has proven by the year 1900, that the first who mentioned the heliocentric theory was Aristarchos of Samos by the 3rd century BC?

Elio. I shall leave to you the joy of such a finding and the consequent feeling of being proud to be Greek. In the Book I refer to Copernicus’ discovery as a symbol of a shock to our pattern of thinking, an example familiar to everyone of psychological revolution.

The School for Gods could also be called a School of overturning as its ideas and principles overthrow all that we have learned and believe in so far.


Q. In the book you say: “everything is psychology”. How do you evaluate the contemporary science of psychology? Can psychology save the world, or a psychologist function as, or substitute the Dreamer?

Elio. The same thing is said in the motto Visibilia ex invisibilibus. Visibility is born from invisibility. Everything we see, feel, touch and hear, the materialistic objects and the entire business of life is nothing more than the projection of a world invisible to our senses and which constitutes its causes.

Even in a man, everything he has been able to build originates from his invisibility, his ‘dream’ and it manifests itself externally in the quality of his life and in the nature of events that happen to him.

Beyond any achievement of humanity, be it social or scientific, there is always the dream of a man, only one, an individual who has believed in his dream and has put his life at stake to make it come true. The worst enemy we have is the belief that we are psychologically complete and therefore have nothing else to do in life but to acquire notions and have experiences.

The School for Gods believes that there is a necessary, possible psychological evolution. But this doesn’t happen through the traditional, ordinary, so-called education.

Man’s psychological growth is an inside-out process, a process of elimination more than adding. For this we need a new science to replace the obsolete Psychology. A new Psychology will help us to get rid of thinking.  Thinking is too heavy a function for a vertical humanity. We need Schools of being, Schools of integrity teaching how to develop two new senses: a sixth sense, intuition and a seventh sense, dreaming.

The myth of Daedalus, the man imprisoned in the labyrinth, his own creation, is the oldest myth that our civilization recalls. Its origin is lost in the mists of time. In the western culture there is no prototypical idea more emblematic of our own condition. Humanity is enclosed in a labyrinth. It languishes since time immemorial in a prison of repetitiveness without ever finding a solution to its age-old problems. The calamities and global challenges we have to face are innumerable and grave: from world pollution to the poverty of countries, from the death of a child every seven seconds due to hunger to the thousands of conflicts and hatred between countries and different ethnic groups. The domineering characteristic of man’s problematic reality seems to be its unsolvability. Everyone is searching for solutions. Men, governments, civilizations would like to know the way out of this labyrinth, to possess Ariana’s thread and the wings of Icarus.


Q. How do the changes in the world affect you?

Elio. You should reverse this question and ask how the change in you affects the world. The world is our mirror. It is as insane, criminal, conflictual, and as poor as we are.


Q. How can you combine being a philosopher and a businessman? How does each role affect the others?

Elio. I do not to believe in any role. You have to act a role, play a role, not to become it. When you believe in a role it becomes a prison. Lupelius thought to the lupelians in his School for Gods the fine art of acting the most different roles, from being a king to a tramp. And whatever is the role, you must act impeccably, to abandon it and go beyond.


Q.What is the most important thing to you in life and why?

Elio. The greatest adventure a man can imagine is the re-conquest of his integrity. The true career of a man, the goal of goals is to reach the unity of Being. Anything else will just be added without efforts.

In reality “life is as you dream it. If you do not like your reality change your dream!”