Elio D’Anna conference at Karpenko University

Kiev 2nd November 2012


“I have Dreamed a School that believes that Economy is the Art of Dreaming
the ‘Dream’ is powerful enough to transform poverty into prosperity,
difficulties into intelligence and fear into love”


The first lesson of any Economics course anywhere on the planet begins with this argument: “ The resources of the planet are limited and Economics and Science show how to manage them.

It‘s not that the resources of the planet are limited – but man’s psychology

Economy is the Art of Dreaming : the ability to transform the ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’ and finally into ‘inevitable’.
The European School of Economics has centers in the most important Business capitals in the world – Rome, Florence, Milan, Madrid and London are really one academic space without borders. Students can travel, study and better their intellectual and moral qualities.

The Mission of the European School of Economics is the creation of a new generation of leaders, global communicators, visionary entrepreneurs able to harmonize the age –old antagonisms : Economics and Ethics, Action and Contemplation, Financial Power and Love.

You have arrived here to learn to dream a new Dream

and to turn upside-down your old narrow vision

and the mortal projections you’ve cultivated for years

Wars and sickness, poverty and death will disappear from the planet if you understand that it is you who are the creator of everything and that everything can be changed through a new Dream. This is the powerful movement that will give life to a totally new reality.

“The crisis, wars and criminality, degradation and unhappiness s that you see around you will do no more than perpetuate and worsen as long as you are convinced that the roots of all problems lies outside of yourself.


The world is as it is because you are as you are.
Change and reality will follow.
Remember! You are the only one that can save the world


This is the Individual Revolution: a revolution of Being. The slightest change in your Being moves mountains in the world of events, raises peoples and entire civilizations from their endemic poverty, and transforms eras of war, abomination and fear into times of unity and peace.

A man who really dreams cannot help but to be rich. This is the very essence of a School of Economics.

Economics is “Dream’ because the Dream is the most real, most practical , most concrete thing there is…

Q. What is happening in the world?

Elio. Exactly what is happening within You – none other than You.

Q. And what will happen to the future generations, to governments, politics and the world economy?

Elio. All the Now that you are able to sustain will happen…Remember! The future is in your hands.

The world is neither real nor unreal, neither good nor bad, neither happy nor unhappy, neither in war nor in peace. The world is simply all that you want it to be.