Q. Can you tell me how to deal with the negative emotions?

How to get rid of them?

Elio. Negative emotions are not the problem. Ignoring or misunderstanding them is.

In order to eliminate negative emotions you must first be fully aware of them. Observe what happens when you are negative. Notice how everything falls in the wrong place within you. Notice how much you lie and justify in negative moods and how dark everything appears to your eyes. On the other side, if you are aware of it, instantly everything changes and you’ ll feel charged with an incredible energy and vitality. Give attention to your inner states whatever they are.  Through earnestness and patience you will discover something very precious and very powerful that hides behind their apparent unpleasantness. 


Fearlessly dive deep within and draw closer to your negative states.

The light of your awareness will make them disappear,

and allow you to experience

the summit of perfection and integrity as a permanent state.