Questions and Answers

Interview with Astra Magazine II, Greece 2012


Q. What is exactly ESE’s mission and what is taught at it?

Elio. True education is freedom from all forms of hypnosis, dependency and superstition. True education is letting go of inner conflict. This will free the world from all contradiction, violence and war


Q. Can you give as a simple idea for better, happier living?

Elio. Self-elevation is the answer. You are the creator of your own prison. You are the divinity that has created all of this. At the same time, you are the hapless creature that inhabits this creation of yours, this poverty that contains you and that everyone calls reality. Remain in the here and now. That is the key to the happy life. Realizing that we are all God means understanding that we are the creators of all things and that we can use everything as we please. Until you understand this simple truth, you will continue living in prison, going from one trap to the next.

Go through life acting your role to perfection, but without believing in it. Otherwise, you will get lost in the maze of identification, never to come out of it. There is nothing more simple or grand than escaping this prison created by the self.


Q. What is the meaning of the book title: The School for Gods? Is it to educate gods? Does it have anything to do with the Divine Providence? Does it mean we can all learn to be gods? What kind of gods do you mean?

Elio. Man is an amnesic god, a god who has forgotten the powers of creativity. The devil is the best symbol of this decadence. Man is a self-made god. Think of all the powers of man and how they could best serve the world. The power of dreaming, the power of thinking, the power of feeling, of seeing, of touching, the power of will, the power of breathing, of aspiring, of healing. Man is a self-realizing god, a self-knowing god, a self-enjoying god, a self-smiling god, a self-evolving god, a self-ruling god. Only a conscious being can claim ownership of all these powers. What is there to remember? That which we really are: infinite, permanent, unborn… Immortal.


Q. Please, tell us about your hardest and your most pleasant life experience.

Elio. An event becomes a life experience the minute one gets emotionally involved. It is not life experiences we need, but freedom from all life experiences, that is, freedom from all identification. No event can affect your true Self.


Q. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Elio. Fixing the world.


Q. Whom did you write your book for? Would you say it is a difficult book?

Elio. The Dreamer uses two languages to communicate His teachings to the world: the language of men and the language of gods. Your level of understanding determines which is best suited to you.


Q. What is the role of religion in your life?

Elio. Religiosity is intrinsic to the human being. Religions are divisive. Religiosity is absence of religions. Let religiosity become widespread, and you will see religions disappear. The new age will have no use for religions. The world will survive only if religions disappear.


Q. Do you believe in miracles? Have you ever seen one?

Elio. Whenever a terrible accident or disaster occurs, do not panic! Be perfectly still for a few seconds. Take your attention away from the outer event that threatens you and turn it towards yourself. Observe yourself. Self-observation is the key. Self-observation will free you from despair, pain and accident, and will elevate your being over any storm, far above the chaos and the tragedy that life seems to produce. Watch yourself as you quietly become a human dynamo capable of transforming any challenge, hardship or failure into a miraculous victory.


Q. What is the Dreamer’s advice to the powers that be?

Elio. In economics as in politics, nations needs to prepare a new generation of leaders capable of offering solutions to the world, men and women free from ideology and superstition, masters of the Art of Dreaming, cells of a new and healed humanity. Therein will lie the true wealth of nations.


Q. What is the role of karma?

Elio. There is neither karma nor past lives. There is no guilt, no punishment, no afterlife, no final judgment, no hell and no paradise. There is only this Moment, sacred, infinite, all-powerful. Use it! There will be no other chance. Outside of the Now one becomes prisoner of time: limited, vulnerable, mortal…


Q. But, how can one live in the Now when every day there are a thousand problems to solve?

Elio. There is only one problem to solve, and that is you.


Q. How do you see the future of humanity?

Elio. What is happening to the world? You are what is happening. You and nothing else. And what would happen to future generations, to governments, to world politics and the economy? As much Now as you are able to sustain. That is what will happen. Remember! The future of the world is in your hands. Do not concern yourself with the future. Do not concern yourself with the past. Pay attention only to the Now. In vertical time, which is the only real time there is, there is only creative victory. When you win Now, you win in all directions and for all time simultaneously.