The crowd is the outer representation

of your inner division and sorrow

Do not mix or identify with the crowd, you will get stuck! The more you work on yourself for your integrity, the less you will be influenced by the hypnotizing forces of the masses. The crowd is the outer representation of your inner division and sorrow. The more you become innerly integrated the less you will participate in gathering and meetings.

Thousands and thousands of human beings gathered together into squares, stadiums, clubs or theatres, screaming and shouting at a football game or at a rock concert or at a political demonstration, are the most significant manifestation of your deadly inner multitude whose only mission is to destroy you.

Q. The solution that you suggest is the solitude of the hermit, which eliminates all contact with the outside world?

Elio. No, this is impossible. It is the outcome of another lie. A man who reaches the state of freedom from identification can live anywhere and do anything.

Q. How can I then eliminate the ‘others’, and their influence from my life?

Elio. You can’t. As you are today, if you would take away the others, you would be taking away your very life, To eliminate the others from your life you must first realize that the others are the mechanical resonance of your drowsiness.  They are the equilibrium of death you carry within.  The others are the reflection of your own forgetfulness. 

The more a man forgets,
the more he relies on others. 
The more you love,
the more you remember,
the more you get closer to yourself…
the more the others disappear…
When you love, the other does not exist.