Questions and Answers

Interview for Greek’s magazine Astra Part One

Q. Who is the Dreamer and how can we meet Him?

Elio. Living next to the Dreamer is only for the few. Besides, it is risky. Living next to the Dreamer is the hardest endeavor one can undertake. To meet the Dreamer one must be willing to turn around his own way of thinking and feeling.

Next to the Dreamer there is no room for forgetting, no room for indulging in illusory pleasures, weaknesses, complaints, doubts or fears. Next to the Dreamer there is only room for the pure and the whole.


Q. Can you reveal the identity of the Dreamer in five words?

Elio. Follow the times, rythms, and inspiration of the Dreamer without clinging, and you will see your life healed from all evil.


Q. What would you say to your Greek readers?

Elio. Someone asked me “Are you happy?”. To this I answered: “Much more than that: I am… Free.” It is hard to imagine the way a whole human being views life. We think that total and simultaneous knowledge of the past, the present, and the future will deprive existence of surprise. Thus, man feels constrained to renounce worldly things in exchange for the infinite or, vice versa, his need of infinity in order to enjoy what is finite. The superior man, instead, is able to discover infinity in the finite, timelessness in what is temporary: two simultaneous ways of seeing and living the same thing. That is why such a man is capable of enjoying life fully and of mastering it at the same time, uncovering the Supreme Unity that lies at the heart of conflict and in the midst of the most painful contradictions.


Q. What made you write The School for Gods?

Elio. Reading The School for Gods we may feel as if we are merely turning the pages of a book, when in reality it is the book that is reading us. In the same way as life, The School for Gods, reflects us. It is a mirror in which we see our own image without recognizing it.


Q. What is the message you would like to convey to your readers?

Elio. This story has taken the form of a novel containing the ideas and the philosophy that have inspired a School. At the same time, it is a manifesto for an Individual Revolution, for the rebirth of vertical man: the cells of a new humanity once and for all free from pain, fear and conflictive thinking.


Q. What is the economic crisis and how can one keep going when there’s neither money in the bank nor food on the table?

Elio. Everybody would love to make more money, but few manage to. Nevertheless, making money is easy. Be innocent. That is all it takes. True riches lie inside of you already. You need only let go of your ballast to bring it out to the surface. Keep asking, keep knocking on the door, relentlessly.

(to be continued….)