Questions and Answers


The reason why I chose Turkey…

Q. This book of yours is published first in Turkey before the rest of the world. Is there a specific reason for that?

Elio. At this historical moment, I consider Turkey and Italy as well, among the most interesting countries in the world.

Turkey is the very example of a world that is growing and developing at an incomparable speed and that is asking for answers to its innumerable problems and contradictions. The unemployment of young people that plagues the country is only a symptom of an inadequate educational system. The spasmodic migrations of populations in need coming from bordering countries. The acts of violence and terrorism. The devaluation of its currency. The pollution and overpopulation of one of the most beautiful city in the world – Istanbul. The economic crisis and the internal and external divisions that can create conflicts and wars.

My book “Dreamer ve Sen” touches, through an extraordinary technology,

all these problems and offers answers and solutions to all those who really love their country.

Turkey is a microcosm of the world just as the protagonist

in The School for Gods is a single cell who represents all humanity.

“Turkey and Istanbul in particular is a great place. It’s a rich culture, and its sights, sounds and flavors have inspired all artists and explorers of every kind and have united worlds that on the surface remain separate throughout the history of mankind. From my point of view, it’s the ideal city to eliminate the imaginary boundaries that divide ‘Dream’ and ‘Reality,’ which is what my ‘Work’ is all about.