Elio D’Anna and Sossio Mosca

Great masterpieces in history

and works of art

are the materialisation of harmony and beauty

Great masterpieces in history, and works of art, are the materialisation of harmony and beauty. Their purpose is to transmit  a message of eternity, to raise our being beyond time.

A crack,

a vertical split has been produced through all levels of matter:  

a new way of escape for all men and women.      


“With Me at your side you can jump the tracks of your inflexible destiny,”

At My side you can break

the mechanical cycle of your routines, your feelings of guilt…

at My side you must give up your doubt,

your fear, and your destructive thoughts…

you must abandon the lie that binds you

to a mortal description of existence.”



“ Learn how to raise the vibrations

of your body to a higher level,

and you will disappear from the sight of a harmful, threatening, mortal world.

The battlefield is the body.



Man could choose

the influences he lives under and entrust himself to the power of something above him,

but he lives in pain and for this

knows nothing of the Art of Dreaming!

He suffers because he doesn’t dream.

Through the Art of dreaming,

a man ceases to suffer, ceases to die.

Only he who has stopped killing himself inside has the right to the ineffable revelations

of the Antagonist.



…One day the material universe will become our masterpiece,

the mirror image of our rediscovered will, the perfect materialisation

of the Art of Dreaming.


If you raise your body’s vibration,

the entire world will be elevated to a frequency where every strife,

division, and war will disappear, and only harmony, beauty, and truth will exist.

Erase limitations from within.

Put forth the command that

you are the very cause of all and everything, and flood the universe

with your inner light of life and power.




“Believing belongs to the Art of Dreaming

and is the intimate quality of the Dreamer…

In the roots of ‘cre-do’ and ‘cre-ed’, there is cre-ation’… The dream is the most real thing there is…”


You have to abandon

your destructive way of dreaming.

You have to learn a new way of dreaming where the power of will commands,

where the power of love creates,

where the power of certainty wins.



Raise your Now, and your stiff, weary decrepit memory will disappear

and a luminous, vibrant, new past will beckon you. The higher your Now,

the greater will be your past

and the more magnificent your destiny.


The “  I Am Now’” will totally delete the fanciful tale of your never-happened birth

and all your suffering events connected to it.

The “ I Am Now” will transform

your imaginary death

and your dreary prophecy of disaster into a real powerful, everlasting, beautiful  Life.

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