Close to Dreamer

Is not an easy task

Close to the Dreamer, your vanity and presumption would be constantly attacked and beaten to death

until you would either understand and continue your journey towards integrity,

or get hurt in your false pride and leave in indignation.

Stalked by death and misery, tormented by pain and evil, you have only one way out: to find real Life in the most hidden and obscure recesses of your inner Being. And with the transformation of pain and suffering in your own Body, you will witness the transformation of the entire world.

Close to the Dreamer you will enter deep into your heart

and find what you have been looking for – your very Dream.

Far from here it is like rowing upstream – swallowed by the world, it’s so easy to forget and drift back.

Here, close to the Dreamer, you are reminded of this,

every moment – not only of the danger, but of the distances that grow within yourself.

If you could realize what I know about ‘dreaming’ ….you would know that the world is just a reflection and that you have no more to be vigilant and careful – no more effort to transform things, but only the patience to stay there and watch….  observe…. this is the secret. Any problem will be solved out with your returning into yourSelf. In reality, only solutions exist…. success upon success… one victory after another… you can only ever win!

Just be aware and focused inwardly – you’ll  see the miraculousness of the things that happen.

Breathe life inside, create space within yourself, and in a state of stillness and silence, secretly, create the very world you are Dreaming of…Be very careful!

You asked to be closer to the Dreamer and this doesn’t allow you to do anymore what you used to do, not even think or feel what you used to think and feel.

Living close to the Dreamer  is for few and it is very risky.

Living close to the Dreamer, is the most difficult task,  you could ever undertake.

Here, if you forget yourself,  you will be instantly catapulted in your  dangerous past and get lost.

Here, close to the Dreamer there is no space for you to indulge, in any weakness, regret, doubt and fear.

Here, you have to be strong!

Here, close to the Dreamer you can only be pure and whole.