Dedicated to the youngest generation


To meet the Dreamer you have to be deeply disappointed with your everyday Life and searching desperately for Truth


The Dreamer can only be met by those who have abandoned the belief of ever being born and are earnestly questioning the idea of the inevitability of death.

Religions, politics, churches, media, schools and universities are systems that breed fear. But the greatest demon is your belief system, which rules your way of dreaming. This work requires effort. Effort doesn’ t mean to go through physical exercises like to get up earlier or to run a marathon or to give up smoking or to undergo long fasting and all that. Real effort is internal. It is how to turn upside down our inner vision and understanding.

All religions see Life here on Earth as a stepping stone
to the ultimate destination and death as a gateway to a better world.

So long as you see any part of your Being as inferior or any component as worthy of anything less than Eternity, then you are casting a death sentence on your entire organism.

You are convinced that death is an unavoidable event decreed by some basic scientific principle.  Religion and science have made you believe that death is a universal law coming from above and as such, impossible to change, so you cannot hope for anything better than dying. To pursue Physical Immortality you have to get rid of any knowledge coming from the outer world, including the hypnotic descriptions of your birth and death, and of the past and future, and rediscover within yourself the infinite, inexhaustible passion and commitment to this very instant.


Dematerialization means to disappear from mortal eyes, that is, if you are really alive you cannot be seen by people who are ruled by death. The art of materializing and dematerializing belongs to one who has attained inner unity. If you are whole then you will manifest everlasting Life and will be visible only to higher Beings. For the average man the above is unknown and inexistent and if you raise the vibrations of your body you’ ll disappear from his limited vision.

All healing is release from fear.

In passing from one state of Being to a higher one, even in the slightest degree, there is a gap, an interval where you are bound to suffer inner stress and doubts.  If you know at the moment how to keep a certain alertness and calm and not let yourself be overcome, you will be brought into a higher level of understanding and justice, and overwhelmed by a world of light, certainty and beauty.

Q. How would the world be if we stopped dying?

Elio. It would be a very funny world, surely more alive!

Try to visualize a humanity without conflicts, wars, persecutions, diseases, poverty and injustice. Try to imagine a world without tribunals, police, prisons, hospitals and cemeteries and you will know how an intelligent, joyful, immortal humanity would live. Remember! Immortality doesn’t mean the Life ‘after’ death full of imaginary angels, ascensions, heavens or reincarnations, but it is about Life ‘without’ death… Life with all Its infinite possibilities.

Will governs your inner attitude, which is the real world,
and not the outer events.
The external world happens as a reflection of the inner One.

“The lion and the lamb lying down together” symbolizes the harmonization of opposites — power and innocence are not in conflict but one and the same thing. “The lamb takes away the sins of the world.” The lamb is innocence and innocence means absence of harm. Only through self-harmlessness you can heal the world because you and the world are one.