Schools and Universities have ceased to dream

A real School should exist to bring together dreamers

regardless of nationality, color, belief and wealth


“Ordinary man is not used to following his intuition, nor is he encouraged to do so. Since ancient times, young men have been entrusted to schools at a very early age to instill and keep alive in them the pathway to that precious ‘knowledge’ already lying deep within them”.

From the time of Socrates to modern day these schools have existed, if somewhat secretly, all over the world – fostering and conserving for posterity the most precious treasure known to man – his innate independence .

But Schools and Universities have ceased to dream. A real School should exist to bring together dreamers regardless of nationality, color, belief and wealth, to concentrate on the most important subject of study – oneself. The most concrete result of knowing oneself is the realization that the world is your own projection, the world is how you dream it.

Students of a real School will be distinguished for their ability to think in ‘levels’ and not by contrast. The work done in the School should prepare them for a work of transformation of thought: from a conflict-ridden consciousness to an inner state of integrity, from an empirical, reactive man to an intuitive, creative being.

Knowledge is limitation, a barrier to freedom. Knowledge is only a pale description of what reality is. Knowledge prevents you from going beyond. Knowledge closes off your intuition and happiness. Remember! You are the Supreme Artist and as such you can make this world as beautiful as you want.

It is time to disregard all conventional teachings, ideologies, disciplines, books and ideas, and written words, and dive deeply within yourself to find your own truth and uniqueness; this alone will remove all your own obstacles and leave you free from any hypnotism and in full mastery of all and everything.

Only visionary leaders, men free from every ideology or superstition can ferry mankind from the psychological shore of the ordinary, weak, irascible and bigoted man, to that of the new man inspired by the principles of a School of Being.