Healing is an act of Will

He who fasts is strong even if he feels weak


By fasting the body re-establishes order following the chaos of bad habits.  Man has forgotten his true nature.  The very presence of a healer or a doctor is an anomaly.

It is the illness itself that will bring health.

Stopping it with medicines or drugs means preventing healing.  Healing is an act of will and no prayer or adoration can substitute it.  The Bible calls the power of the will ‘faith’.  It is the illness itself that heals.  It warns, protects, teaches, atones, cleanses, clears, lifts, humiliates, straightens, reforms, it makes us more aware and more intelligent.”

Remember!  The body is indestructible

The body is paradoxically unhealable because it cannot get ill.  What you call illness is part of the process of integration and any external intervention, be it surgery or medicine, means giving up the omnipotence, the indestructibility, the immortality of the body.  And above all…an abdication of the Will, of your own Integrity.