The United States ‘Dreaming Now!’

Trump said he wants

“dreamers to come from the United States.”


“I want dreamers to come from the United States,” Trump said. “I want the people in the United States that have children, I want them to have dreams also. We’re always talking about ‘DREAMers’ for other people. I want the children that are growing up in the United States to be dreamers also. They’re not dreaming right now.”


Only the ‘dream’ can transform poverty into prosperity, difficulties into intelligence, fear into love.

The visible is born from the invisible; and also businesses, even more so family businesses, are not an exception, behind there is the dream of a man, there is that tap of the tuning fork that made all this come to life and is still vibrating in every cell of the business, beyond the superficial and crude part of the business, that leads to, in two out of three cases, the failure of this transaction, so crucial to the future of often immense heritages, of ideas, methods and men.

The king is the earth and the earth is the king

European School of Economics has done research in the field of business and economics discovering that the destiny of entire industrial and financial empires depends on the integrity of the entrepreneurial ‘dream’ from which they were born, on the impeccability of the leader. Big businesses, entrepreneurial fortunes, like nations and entire civilisations, form and prosper, or take ill and die, with their leader, with their founder-creator. An organisational pyramid is tied to the breath of its leader. A gold thread solders his image and personal destiny to that of his organisation and his men. His corporal being coincides with his economy, as it was for the ancient sovereigns. The king is the earth and the earth his the king.”

We need entrepreneurial Schools, Schools of Being that recognise within the organisations the existence of a living, beating, precious substance, of an intelligence that runs in their blood. Still the same, from the oldest civilisations to the modern history of business.

Educating entrepreneurs is a subversive activity

For whoever will be the successor of the family fortunes, and will carry on the entrepreneurial ‘dream’, we have to strengthen their leadership qualities, courage, sincerity, independent thought, love for the business and for their men. We have to develop his sixth sense: intuition, and a seventh sense: the ‘dream’.

The entrepreneur knows that success is always a revolution. Because of this he is fundamentally a rebel capable of putting at stake his reputation and funds to modify reality, to break with pre-existing plans and equilibriums and create others than are more advantageous… Putting together other men, taking on the responsibility for them, transmitting enthusiasm to them, infecting them with your own dream, can all be called entrepreneurial characteristics… they are in fact qualities of the being… to access higher levels in the steps of human responsibility”.

An entrepreneur, behind the apparent search for an advantage, for a profit; much deeper than he himself can know, he is at the service of a project; he is already a man that does for other men; he knows that their betterment is his success. His life is dedicated. He has no choice. Like a captain on an ancient ship, he knows that he has to go back with the ship or sink with it”. He knows that only the ‘dream’ can make us free, overcome all our limits.