Visibilia ex Invisibilibus

VISIBILIA EX INVISIBILIBUS Visibilia ex Invisibilibus The visible comes from the invisible, just as sound comes from silence and movement from stillness.   Visibilia ex invisibilibus is the European School of Economics’s motto, and it means internal responsibility, it means that the external can only reveal something that has already happened in the World of...

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The School for Gods

The School for Gods and European School of Economics The School for Gods I’ve dreamed of an Individual Revolution Capable of overturning the mental paradigms of the old Humanity And freeing it for ever from all conflicts, From doubt, fear, pain. I’ve dreamed of a School that teaches A new generation of leaders To harmonize...

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Employment is a modern form of slavery

Employment is a modern form of slavery, this is the message from Elio D’anna and in your book you express an absolute opposition to the employee status of the vast majority of the society. Are you for the dissolution of the big multinational companies, and their substitution with many small personal service-providing businesses? To what...

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Sports for Peace

Football for Peace Charity Dinner The great growth of the interest and practice of Sport and motor skills in general has definitively confirmed Sport among modern social mass phenomena and as one of the great accelerators of the evolution of society as a whole. But here, as part of a School of Economics, it should...

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Meeting With The ESE Students, Florence

The motto of the school is Visibilia ex Invisibilibus. This makes us special. Graduation Day 2018, Florence We have something that goes  beyond ordinary business schools.  Not to be presumptuous, about it , but if you understand what visibilia ex  invisibilibus means, we can have a very good start. From the invisible to the visible  –...

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The Management of Success

Today’s victory is tomorrow’s defeat Elio D’Anna Trump Tower New York This is the plight of an entrepreneur and of a successful man if he doesn’t know how to go beyond… (Elio D’Anna) Are you successful or have you decided to be? The question no one dares ask at this point is ‘what do I...

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Anarchy and Architecture at European School of Economics

The Aim of Revolution Anarchy and Architecture “Evolution of man means the development of certain inner qualities. To do that we   need a new education particularly addressed to the individual. Conventional education makes independent thinking extremely difficult.” Elio D’Anna, Founder and President – European School of Economics This past June, the Bartlett School of Architecture...

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Believing to See

BELIEVING TO SEE – London’s Mayor and the Future of the City  Photo courtesy of ESE  “There is nothing more objective than subjectivity. And there is nothing more subjective than objectivity. Remember! The physical world is a reflection of what you are within right now. Vision and Reality are one and the same thing. In...

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Dedicated to All The Countries

Suffering from hunger and poverty despite their endless resources… Elio D’Anna Founder and President of European School of Economics Africa, South America and Asia, and like many others, rich in art and culture suffering from economic crisis for having forgotten the origin, the source of every richness: the individual. The wealth of a nation, the...

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